Who’s Hungry for Healthy Choices?

Wisdom for the Journey

From The Holy Bible:

And he gave them this illustration: “No one rips up a new garment to make patches for an old, worn-out one. If you tear up the new to make a patch for the old, it would not match the old garment. And who pours new wine into an old wineskin? If someone did, the old wineskin would burst and the new wine would be lost. New wine must always be poured into new wineskins.  Yet you say, ‘The old ways are better,’ and you refuse to even taste the new wine that I bring.”’

Luke 5:36-39 – Passion Translation

From You’ve Got to Be Hungry, by Les Brown

“I know to have something you’ve never had before; you have to become someone you’ve never been before! There is no way to know when all of the motivation that I’ve filled myself up with will be put to the test of application.” pg 126

Introductory Remarks: 

In order to express healthy, happy and prosperous lives, we must put away old thoughts, habits and ways of being; those old recorded beliefs in our subconscious mind and make new, conscious, healthy choices that support the healthy, happy & prosperous winning lifestyles that we seek.

Major Points of the Lesson:

1. Know who you are 
2. Be Hungry for the healthy Happy Prosperous life – Be Hungry for change 
3. Release old habits – cleanse the space – establish new ways of being 
4. Put it into Practice


“Don’t stop reaching for optimal health. …while investing in your mind, don’t forget about your body and your emotional health. The only way to make sure that your goals and dreams do not die is to STAY ALIVE and to STAY HUNGRY!”

Les Brown’s “You’ve Got To Be Hungry”, pg 138