Burning Bowl Experience 2021

“It is your responsibility to act. We are behind you, so go ahead and get it done.” – Ezra 10:4 GNT

2021 has been declared the year “to get things done!” But, what is preventing you from getting “it” done in 2021?

Burning Bowl provides for us an opportunity to help us identify and symbolically release the past and letting go of any thoughts, feelings, attitudes or behaviours that might prevent us from getting “it” done in 2021.




What is Burning Bowl?

Across religious traditions, fire is a powerful symbol of wisdom, knowledge, passion, purification, transformation, divinity and light. Fire inflames, consumes, warms, illuminates, inspires and serves as a catalyst for change. The Burning Bowl Ceremony employs a powerful two-pronged prayer technique of denial (burning) and affirmation (Letter to God). It is a spiritually powerful way to release limiting beliefs and attitudes. The way is therefore cleared for us to implant new beliefs that help us manifest God’s divine will of all good in our lives.

Burning Bowl Kit

burning bowl service 2021