In 1990, a group from Unity of Jamaica assumed the name “The Nature of God Class” with the objective of practising silent meditation, engaging in metaphysical Bible study and discussion of the writings of such writers as Charles Fillmore, Eric Butterworth and Joel Goldsmith. Led by Avis Hylton the group included Cynthia Crooks, Rose Dundas, Norma Eaton, Eileen Henry, Peter Hylton, Roy Hylton, Angie McGann, Margaret McGann and Hazel Sterling, Clio Whittingham, Phyllis Tomlinson and Hyacinth Sherlock. The group held Prayer Retreats in 1992, 1993 and 1994 and in 1993 its guests were the Rev. Dr. Mary Tumpkin from the Universal Truth Centre, Miami and the Rev. Joseph Hill from Christ Universal Temple, Chicago – member churches of the Universal Foundation for Better Living (UFBL).

Arising from this visit, the initial plans for the establishment of a UFBL centre in Jamaica were discussed. In furtherance of this plan, the Vision Group led by Avis Hylton was formed in September 1994. Shortly afterwards, the group launched a series of “Ye Shall Know the Truth” lectures which were taught by Rev. Mary at the Jamaica Pegasus in the form of Prosperity Luncheon meetings.

The next development was a series of intensive training sessions led by Rev. Mary in Basic Truth principles and the Bible to prepare candidates for attendance in the Intensive Teacher Training course at the Johnnie Colemon Institute in Chicago. Six persons attended this training in the summer classes and on their return, Better Living classes using such books as “Spiritual Economics” by Eric Butterworth and “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity” were introduced.

The Universal Centre of Truth for Better Living Ltd., UCT, was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee on September 14, 1994, and after the acquisition of administrative offices at 8 Glenview Terrace late 1995, a bookstore was opened and daily noontime meditation sessions commenced.

In November 1996, Rev. Sheila McKeithen was assigned as the UCT minister by the UFBL President, Dr Mary Tumpkin.

Sunday worship services commenced on the first Sunday of January 1997 and were held at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel. UCT officially became a member church of the Universal Foundation for Better Living on November 13, 1998, and purchased its first property in Seymour Park in June 1999. UCT acquired its second property which houses its current sanctuary in December 2007.