Step 1: Desire

Scripture Reading

“Happy are those whose greatest desire is to do what God requires; God will satisfy them fully!”

Matthew 5:6 (GNT)

Introductory Remarks: 

It is impossible to live a better life, grow spiritually, or do anything worthwhile unless you DESIRE to do so. “Deep desire is essential to spiritual growth.” Charles Fillmore.

Your desires are God’s desires for you. These desires offer you the opportunity to more fully and more perfectly express God-In-You and all the lofty expressions that are your spiritual inheritance. 

Major Points of the Lesson:

1. What is Desire? It is the onward impulse of your ever-evolving self. It springs from within your being, and it gives you enduring power. See Charles Fillmore’s The Revealing Word.

2. Desire must be directed in a Godward direction because, most often desire is initially interpreted as the desire for material things.


“The soul longs to know God as love, life, power, peace, beauty, safety, companionship, health, financial success, a home and so much more. No matter the material ‘things’ we attain in life, the soul remains unsatisfied and restless until it experiences its ‘oneness’ in God.”