Prayer Positions You for Overflow Not Overdraft

SCRIPTURE – Matthew 6:6 (NRSVUE)
‘But whenever you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees in secret will reward you.’



DEFINITION (The Revealing Word by Charles Fillmore)

Prayer – Communion between God and man. This communion takes place in the innermost part of man’s being. It is the only way to cleanse and perfect the consciousness and thus permanently heal the body.


Prayer is the most highly accelerated mind action known. It steps up mental action until man’s consciousness synchronises with the Christ Mind. It is the language of spirituality; when developed it makes man master in the realm of creative ideas.




For 48 years the Universal Foundation for Better Living’s (UFBL) message has unapologetically shared its 4th and 5th Core Principle, Practicing the Presence and The Law of Demonstration, respectively. Prayer demonstrates its own results.

‘…[P]rayer can change things. Prayer can change circumstances. Prayer can change YOU. When…WE learn how to pray, we will be able to turn this world upside down.’
– Johnnie Colemon’s, It Works If You Work It, pg. 115



Main Points

  1. What is Prayer?
    1. Rising in consciousness, moving up to the level of God’s light of Truth.
    2. Conscious knowledge and application of Truth Principles.
    3. Realizing what God says is already so.


  1. 2. Are there Prayer Results? Yes.
    1. Intimacy with the Holy Spirit;
    2. Divine demonstrations of God’s OVERFLOWING goodness in your life, world, and affairs;
    3. Healing in every form (financial, social, mental, physical etc);
    4. Peace in your heart, mind and affairs.


  1. 3. When we do not pray:
    1. We live in Overdraft mode – there is never enough.
    2. We live in constant separation from our spiritual inheritance.
    3. We harbor fear that causes us to search for our good ‘outside of ourselves’ rather than ‘within ourselves’.



Quote to Ponder

“You have to take responsibility for your prayer life and the results you are getting.”
– Johnnie Colemon’s, It Works If You Work It, pg. 115