It’s Easter: Leave It and Rise!

Scripture Reading

Luke 24:12 (The Voice)

‘Peter…got up and ran to the tomb. When he reached the opening, he bent down, looked inside, and saw the linen burial cloths lying there. But the body was gone. He walked away, full of wonder about what had happened.’

Introductory Remarks: 

On this final Feast Day of the Lenten Season, Jesus invites you to follow his example and experience God’s Victorious power of RESURRECTION.

Through appearances of trial, God has made you triumphant. In the face of defeat, God has made you victorious. Having left behind all that no longer serves you, you are positioned to RISE into the brilliance of YOUR Easter Moment.

‘The victory is ours, you see. Just come, my friend. Come walk with me.’
A Closer Walk With Jesus, pg. 182

Major Points of the Lesson:

  1. The Resurrection symbolizes a ‘rising’, like Jesus, into the realization of the perpetual indwelling life that connects me with the Creator. Affirm: God’s life is my life NOW!

  2. When I, like Jesus, leave the limited and lesser things behind me, I am positioned for RESURRECTION — a rising into the greater and unlimited good that is my spiritual birthright. Jesus left:
    1. Burial clothing (Luke 24:12)
    2. The Tomb (Matthew 28:6)
    3. The familiar relationships he had known (John 20:17)
  1. What have you left behind during the 40 days of Lent? Can you truly say that like Jesus, you are experiencing the RESURRECTION? If so, this is YOUR EASTER MOMENT.

TASK: Fear not; be of good cheer, for you have risen. Let the whole spirit of God radiate through you today. Let all the world know that you are now a new being in Christ Jesus.

ASSIGNMENT: Pages 177-183, A Closer Walk With Jesus (UFBL); 40 Days of Letting Go, Lent 2023, and the Daily Inspiration (UFBL);