For 48 years the Universal Foundation for Better Living’s (UFBL) message has unapologetically shared that if you were to ‘repeatedly deny a false or unhappy condition, it loses its power to make you unhappy.’ Lessons in Truth, Chapter4.

UFBL Founder, Johnnie Colemon, unapologetically taught the words of Dr. H.E. Cady:‘ There is a straight white line of absolute Truth upon which each one must walk to have demonstration. The slightest swerving in either direction from this line results in no demonstration, no matter how earnest or intense one may be. The line is this: There is only God; all seeming else is a lie.’ How I Used Truth, pg. 201


Definition: The Revealing Word by Charles Fillmore

Denial – ‘The mental process of erasing from consciousness the false beliefs of the sense mind. Denial clears away belief in evil as reality and thus makes room for the establishing of Truth.’

Affirmation – “The ‘yes’ action of the mind; the act of affirming; the declaring of Truth; the mental movement that asserts confidently and persistently the Truth of Being in the face of all appearances to the contrary.”


Major Points

  1. Every moment, ‘stuff happens.’ We must make the decision to ‘keep walking’ once we’ve picked up our beds as did the Man at the Pool of Bethesda.
  2. Every spiritual tradition has a system for cleansing ‘stuff’ or error beliefs from the mind and heart. This is the power of Denial. Error beliefs are lies and can never ever be true. They must be denied if you are to experience what is TRUE about you and for you.
  3. Once the mind and heart are cleansed, the soil of the mind & heart are fertile for new ‘seed ideas’. It is therefore important to plant what is ‘True’ once the error belief has been eliminated. This is the power of affirmation!


Quote to Ponder:

‘We should decide to be the way God created us to be. We have to be the ones to spread the word; for every lie…believed, there is a Truth that will set them free.’

Johnnie Colemon’s, It Works If You Work It, pg. 58