Your Prayers of Deliverance

‘Daniel answered…”My God sent his angel, and he shut the mouths of the lions. They have not  hurt me, because I was found innocent in his sight…” ‘ Daniel 6:22 

Affirm: God is my Defense and my Deliverer in every situation. 

Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends, 

As we open our heart and mind to the month of February, God’s loving presence flows into all our affairs. The crooked places are made straight. The dry areas are now fertile. The fears and worries are replaced with certainty and faith. How thankful we are. 

Last Sunday Dr. Jean Beaumont and I formed a ‘Tag Team’ that spoke to God’s ability to deliver us from the ‘mouth of life’s challenges.’ Dr. Jean specifically spoke to the importance of establishing an Unwavering Faith in God. Her analogy of Daniel, who found himself in the lion’s den, was ‘spot on.’ Daniel refused to bow to a graven image. Through it all he held to his faith in God. So must we. 

Life is filled with twists, turns, and unexpected hills and unanticipated valleys. BUT in all these things, God is with us and never abandons us. There is never a time when God ceases to want only the highest and best for us. This includes deliverance from hungry lion experiences. Isn’t that good to know? Thanks for this powerful reminder, Dr. Jean.

While God’s will for us is always good, we have an active role to play in our own rescue. Remember: 

1) It was Daniel who: 

  1. Consciously prepared himself to pray 
  2. Developed a daily ritual of pray 
  3. Demonstrated an unwavering commitment to Jehovah God 

2) It is we who must: 

  1. Learn the ‘soul lesson’ that our experiences of trials and tribulations seek to teach us. 
  2. Receive the blessing of deliverance that the ‘soul lesson’ offers to us. 

When we actively participate in our own rescue or deliverance, we demonstrate a willingness to be free and to live in an unlimited way. When we pray, we are reminded of God’s will of absolute good for one and all. In receptivity, we learn the lessons the restrictive experience offers. We are then guided out of our ‘den of problems’ and into our greater-yet-to-be. 

Let’s pray: God of my silent tears. God who abides with me and never forsakes me. God of hope. God of love. I give You thanks for Your touch upon my life. Lead me forward so that Your will of absolute good is accomplished in decent and orderly ways, beginning now, and lasting forevermore. Amen. 

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