Your Prayers Inspire Faith

My faithful prayers remind me that God’s Spirit within me, is greater than the circumstances before me.


‘…And faith means knowing that something is real even if we do not see it.’
Hebrews 11:1

Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends,


I pray that all is going well with you as we prepare to welcome the month of February. Stay ‘prayed up.’ Know that your FAITH inspires you to follow the guidance of God’s voice within. What God inspires is already a success. Let’s give thanks for this truth.


We are praying Hannah More Kohaus’, Prayer of Faith, for a minimum of three (3) times per day. Do you find that the prayer ‘pops into your head’ throughout the day and night? If this is happening to you, don’t ignore it. The prayer has come to your attention for a reason. You may never know who benefits from the prayers that you pray.


In Sunday’s lesson we were reminded that Faith is:

Based on Charles Fillmore’s, Revealing Word and Hebrews 11:1-3 (ICB)

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  1. The perceiving power of the mind linked with the power to shape substance;
  2. Spiritual assurance;
  3. The power to do what seems impossible;
  4. Magnetic power that draws unto us our heart’s desire from the invisible spiritual substance;
  5. A deep inner knowing that that which is sought is already ours for the taking;
  6. Being sure of the things we hope for; and
  7. Knowing that what we see was made by something that cannot be seen.


Knowing all these things about FAITH is not enough. It is through prayer that faith is increased within us. That is why we have intentionally, through this prayer series and the Prayer of Faith, issued an invitation to you to increase your prayer time.


We pray so that our FAITH will be inspired to look to God, alone, in every instance. Catherine Ponder in her text, Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, pg. 258 quotes New Thought Minister Emmet Fox, as saying:

‘It makes no difference at all what sort of difficulty you may be in. It does not matter what the causes may have been that led up to it. Enough prayer will get you out of your difficulty if you will be persistent enough in ‘[praying]…to God.’


Spending time consciously in God’s presence can only bless you and us, too. Try It!

Let’s Pray ‘The Prayer of Faith’ by Hannah More Kohaus:

God is my help in every need;
God does my every hunger feed;
God walks beside me, guides my way
Through every moment of this day.


I now am wise, I now am true,
Patient and kind, and loving, too;
All things I am, can do, and be,
Through Christ the Truth, that is in me.


God is my health, I can’t be sick;
God is my strength, unfailing, quick;
God is my all, I know no fear,
Since God and Love and Truth are here.

Seeing Tremendous Blessings for You in 2022,

Rev. Sheila

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