Your Gifts Position You to Achieve Your Destiny

‘Don’t leave your God-given gifts unopened. Don’t leave this planet having missed the great opportunities God has for you. Rip off the lid of your abilities, tear into that box that is your talents, and [lovingly] use every gift God has given you. Devote yourself to fulfilling the unique purpose that is your destiny.’

T.D. Jakes’ text – Destiny: Step Into Your Purpose, pg. 130

Prosperity Partners,
We give thanks for each of you for taking this year’s Adventure in Faith with U.C. Truth for Better Living. This year marks our 24th year of adventure and the Holy Spirit is not yet finished moulding and shaping us into all that we were created to be. That is awesome news. The Best is
Yet to Come for you and for us all.

Last Sunday during Vocational Week, we celebrated an important milestone: The 25th Year Anniversaries for UC Truth and for my Ordination as Minister of the Gospel. As I said in a social media post on the ministry’s page, I am grateful. I am grateful for all we have done together. I am grateful for all persons, businesses, consultants, who have touched this ministry in any way, shape or form and for any length of time. For the team who imagined and produced the details of the Sunday Service, I offer deep appreciation. For UC Truth as a whole, I am grateful for the journey we have taken together.

You are gifted and I know that you know that. As we begin again, know that it is time for you to soar even higher. There is much in God’s storehouse for each one of you. You have given of your time, talent, and resources and I ask that you open yourself to receive more than you’ve ever imagined.

With plenty to spare, I know that you will share as you always have done. Truly, we each hold the key to living the better lives that we seek.

Inspired by our 3 presenters, let us remember their words to us:

  1. Dr. Jean Beaumont: Your gifts have positioned you to make your contribution to society.
  2. Michael Holgate: Hear the call. Answer the call. However, you must do something to be chosen. That something is to be interested, invested and committed.
  3. Rev. Claudia Fletcher: God has called you to be who you are born to be – your original self: Your God SELF. As God’s plan in you comes alive, I pray that you always remember that you are destined for greatness. Life is good and it can always be better.

Last week’s Vocational Week Brochure offered you multiple reading pages to study Bishop T.D. Jakes’ book, Destiny – Step Into Your Purpose, available in our bookstore and at If you missed our Adventure in Faith 25th Anniversary Celebration and Lesson last week (Vocational Week) or would like to listen again, you can go to our sermons page.

Join us Sunday, November 29, 2020 for the lesson: Financially Prepared to Fulfill Your Destiny! The colour for the week is GREEN as we unfold FINANCIALLY! Remember that the Pre-Worship Service starts at 10:15 a.m. with testimonials, sharing and lots of inspiration. Join us via Facebook, our webpage ( or YouTube Channel @ UC Truth Jamaica.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to last week’s content and production. A special thanks to the Technical, Audio and Social Media Teams for putting together the Anniversary Testimonials from around the globe. To Conroy Wilson, who spearheaded the Anniversary Celebration; Rev. Claudia, Dr. Jean Beaumont and Michael Holgate for their inspiring lessons and Maxine

Edwards and Ifidel Williams for coordinating the music. To all the musicians, performers and persons sharing video testimonials, we give thanks.

Each week the Zoom Rooms are OPEN after the Worship Service for a Deeper Dive into the lesson or a Young Adult Perspective on the lesson or for Prayer. You choose which Zoom Room you will enter AND you can move between the rooms for one-half hour after the service concludes. A special thanks to those who joined us in the Zoom Room last week.

Attached is this week’s Adventure in Faith Journal that provides relevant information for this week’s adventure, such as reading assignments, meditations and journal exercises. Please share the Journal with others who may find it useful. The Journal, including past issues, are shared on our social media sites as well as our web page

Until Next Time, Keep Choosing to Live Your DESTINY!

Rev. Sheila

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