Why Me?

“When Joseph woke from his dream, he did all that the angel of the Lord instructed him to do. He took Mary to be his wife…”

Matthew 1:24 (TPT)


“The Christmas Message reminds us that God is ever with us (Immanuel) even when our hopes are dashed, our faith fades, and our wonderful plans seem to fail.”

Sheila McKeithen

Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends,

Merry Christmas! I pray that your holiday plans are going well and that you will share in the joy of Christmas in ways that are a blessing to you, your family, and others.

Sunday’s message, ‘Why Me?’ was inspired by Joseph’s numerous instances of adversity as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew’s, Birth Narratives of Jesus. In each instance, Joseph’s obedience to God led him into right action that proved to protect him, Mary, and her newborn son.

The lesson reminds us to let adverse circumstances inspire us to:

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1. Put our spiritual gift of ‘imagination’ to work. Instead of settling for disappointment, we must re-imagine our possibilities.

Just because events and circumstances don’t work out as we planned, doesn’t mean that they cannot work. Using our imagination, let’s work with whatever is working. Our inner voice of intuition is always working on our behalf. It guides us. As we stay in tune with the whisperings of the intuitive voice within our own soul, we are inspired to move in directions that are best for all concerned. Joseph’s decision to marry Mary proved to be a blessing not only to him, but to Mary and her newborn child. Always remember that God’s will for one and all is absolute good.

2. Keep our hope and trust in God, alone. In God, all things become possible for us.

Mary dared to hope and trust in God even when she did not understand God’s plan for her. Like her, we also must trust God during periods of seeming trial. When we don’t know where to turn, turn to God. When we don’t know what to do, ask God. When we are tempted to give up, turn to God. In all things, we find that God is our answer.

3. When we remember God’s will for us is always good, we won’t ask, ‘Why Me?’ we will say, ‘Yes, Lord, thanks for choosing me.’

Every soul has its own assignment. Of this you can be sure: The God who called you to your assignment has equipped you to fulfill the assignment. Do not be afraid when it appears that, like Joseph and Mary, your life is ‘off course.’ Instead, remember God’s will for you can only be good. There is a seed of good wherever we may be, whatever we may face. It is ‘good’ to see that things are working for your good, even when everything seems to be going ‘wrong.’ Be hope-filled in the face of dire circumstances because there is always a way ‘through’ the challenge. By God’s grace, you will be shown the way forward.

Let’s pray

God of my soul,

You are with me through the valleys of life and during the mountaintop experiences. You never leave me. You never forsake me. My hope and my help come from You. In faith, I fix my gaze on You. Your wisdom is a light unto my path. My steps are ordered, and my life unfolds exactly as it should in every instance.

Deeply grateful, I affirm: And so it is.

See you on Sunday!

Empowered to Get It Done,

Rev. Sheila

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