What About Others?

I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.’
John 13:34 (NRSVUE) 

As a child of God, I recognize and honor the divinity in myself and others. 

Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends, 

During the month of March, I pray that you are discovering and uncovering new levels of inner strength; strength to persevere; strength to stand steadfast; strength to know that you know and therefore become; and strength to trust in God’s promises, come what may. 

On Ash Wednesday, we began the 40-day season known as LENT. In our spiritual community, we lovingly refer to LENT (using it as an acronym) saying: 

Let’s Eliminate Negative Thinking – Imagine 40 days of purifying our soul as we release all manner of ‘toxic’ thinking, talking, feeling and behavior.

Let’s Embrace New Thoughts – Imagine 40 days of embracing that which is wholesome and edifying to the soul in thought, word, feelings and in your deeds. WOW! 

This year, we are using as our Lenten Texts, A Closer Walk With Jesus, and the Daily Inspiration, both of which are available from the www.ufbl.org web page or a local Universal for Foundation center listed on the webpage. We have both texts in our bookstore in Jamaica. We are also offering, while supplies last, a complimentary copy of Unity’s booklet, 40 Days of Letting God with the purchase of the Lenten texts from our ministry’s bookstore in Jamaica. 

The Lenten 2023 Sermon series is titled, Walk With Jesus: A Path of Surrender, Suspense, & Transformation. 

Today, marks Day 20 of the Lenten journey, and I pray that your daily spiritual practice inspires you to continually release any unproductive ways of being. So that you may have identified, in favor of life-affirming ways that keep you ‘on track’ for the tremendous blessings that God has for you. 

Sunday’s sermon reminded us that we constantly encounter others as we walk with the Master Teacher, Jesus the Christ. What should your attitude be toward others? Is there something you are to learn? Something you are to become? Is there something that you are to teach and model to others? Is life asking that you ‘join’ with another and provide some level of support as you walk the 40-day journey with Jesus? 

In openness and receptivity, the Holy Spirit guides us in our interactions one with another. At every turn, we remember that no matter who we encounter, that person possesses God qualities, just as we do. 

Sermon highlights include: 

  1. We must be willing to learn the Truth about others: ‘Each one is an expression of God, just as you are. Each one is loved by Jesus with an unbroken passion, just as you are. Each one is worthy of God’s grace and the blessings of the abundant life, just as you are.’ A Closer Walk With Jesus, pg. 66.

God has no stepchildren. We all belong to God, whether that person is labelled ‘friend’ or ‘foe.’ God’s love is big enough for us all. 

  1. God’s love is the main ingredient that binds us together as one family. This love has no respect for perceived differences. ‘In order to walk…with the Master [Teacher Jesus] you must be willing to relinquish the old consciousness of a belief in separation and embrace the consciousness of Universal Oneness.’ pg. 55

The hurt and pain, intentionally or unintentionally inflicted by others upon us, is often buried deep in our subconscious. Yet, love’s power is not diminished by the hurt we feel. Love is your spiritual tool that overcomes every appearance of hurt, evil, and wrongdoing. When you hold on to love, despite the pain you feel, you can rise above what has happened to you because love’s healing power is pouring in you. 

  1. ‘As we grow in spiritual consciousness…we come into a greater recognition of our responsibility [spiritual and moral] to and for each other, especially for children… It is our responsibility to assist and support [the children]…[and to] make our spiritual presence felt in our communities.’ pgs. 58 – 59.

God is love – Always! Therefore, love’s power is active at all points in the universe. This includes your community, your nation and in all your personal affairs. Call forth the love to support you in being a healing influence in the communities you serve. 

  1. Like Jesus, the more challenged we are, the more love we are called to share. ‘It will be advantageous to your spiritual growth to…display an unconditional, impersonal love for all mankind despite personal challenges.’ pg. 67

During his own challenges, Jesus took the time to comfort an unidentified man hanging on the cross; to comfort his mother; to give direction to John, his disciple; to forgive the Roman authorities for their fatal actions toward him; and to connect with the Creator. Yes, amid our own pain, there is an opportunity to serve, to uplift, to release and to remember that God is with us—ALL. 


Conduct a personal inventory. Do you allow the behavior of others to irritate you or to interrupt your ‘Walk with Jesus?’ Ask yourself, ‘How would Jesus react in a similar situation?’

ASSIGNMENT: Pages 53-79, A Closer Walk With Jesus (UFBL); 40 Days of Letting Go, Lent 2023, pgs. 25-31; Daily Inspiration (UFBL); 

Let’s Pray: 

God of Creation, 

I pray for a cleansing of my heart so that Your love, in me, may flow freely. I give Your love permission to wash away all sense of hurt, pain, and separation from other and from You. I give Your love permission to unite me with You and all creation, so that I may be available to spread Your love in unconditional ways that heal, uplift, bless and prosper. Thanks for answering this prayer now and always. Amen.

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