The Stone Is Rolled Away

“…and they asked each other, ‘Who will roll the stone away from the entrance of the tomb?’ But when they looked up, they saw that the stone, which was very large, had been rolled away.”

Mark 16:4-5

Today culminates the 40 day soul journey known as Lent. We have fasted from the limiting and toxic thoughts and feasted on the unlimited and empowering Truth. We have developed an appetite for what is pure, lovely, honest, just and worth savoring.

We have watched Jesus of Nazareth, a master spiritual teacher, pray without ceasing, love unconditionally, bless and heal without reservation, forgive his persecutors and disciples and glorify God in all his ways. What an example he provides of self-mastery.

His promise is that what he has done, we can do. As we follow Jesus’ example, we find the inner strength to endure whatever comes our way. The women who stood with Jesus at the cross and journeyed to his burial place to anoint his body had no idea who would roll the stone from the entrance of the tomb where Jesus lay. As they were questioning, the stone was already rolled away.

Every day, we face ‘stones’ and wonder if, when and how they will be removed from our lives. Like the women, we want someone to help us. When we, like the women, are on a God inspired mission, we find that our help comes in unexpected ways and by unexplainable means. Our task is to know that God never gives us an assignment that cannot be fulfilled.

This Easter, re-commit to mastering all that is before you. Draw on all the power God has placed within you and expect God to move in a mighty way. There is no need to fret or fear, for greater is God in you than any situation that confronts you. Declare: ‘The Stone is Rolled Away’ then boldly step forth in total reliance on the One who makes all things possible.

Happy Easter,
Rev. Sheila

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