The Prayer Secrets of Rev. Johnnie.

“…if you have been begging, you have not been praying; if you have been pleading, you have not been praying; if you
have been trying to make a deal with God, you have not been praying.”

Johnnie Colemon’s, It Works If You Work It, pg. 144

Prosperity Partner,

I pray that you are feeling blessed, happy and in good health. What a joy it is to know the truth with you and about you. Every day things in the world change, but God is constant and so we pray to the God who never changes, wavers or goes on vacation.

This God is within each of us and our desires are God’s desires for us. This is why Rev. Johnnie says that we need not beg. Why beg for gifts that have already been given? (See Isaiah 65:24) We need not plead for something that it is God’s good pleasure that we have. (See Luke 12:32)

This lesson reminded me that it takes a certain boldness to declare the TRUTH in the face of facts that seem so real and permanent. Yet, a bold declaration is exactly what is required of us. The bigger the FACTS, the BOLDER we must be. Our prayers strengthen us to be BOLD enough to CLAIM our WHOLENESS.

Let us adopt Rev. Johnnie’s Prayer Secrets, shared on Sunday, and prove them in our lives, just as she proved them in her life. Prove that there is power in your prayers by following the Nine Prayer Secrets found in Rev. Johnnie’s book, It Works If You Work It, pgs. 144-149.

As promised the e-book version of Rev. Johnnie’s, It Works If You Work It, is now on, a link to the page is provided in the attachment.

  • Prayer Secret #1 – Pray to change yourself, not God.
  • Prayer Secret #2 – Recognize God as Absolute Good.
  • Prayer Secret #3 – Recognize God as the Source of All.
  • Prayer Secret #4 – Recognize God as Perfection.
  • Prayer Secret #5 – Prayers takes the form of Offerings of Praise or Gratitude; Decree; Affirmation and/or Attitude of Trust.

Rev. Sheila


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