The Father Principle

Scripture: ‘The LORD is as kind to his followers as a father is to his children.’ Psalm 103:13 (ERV) 

Affirm: I and the Father are ONE! 

Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends,  

Last week we celebrated Father’s Day and I took the opportunity to spend the day  with my father even as I celebrated the fathers of UC Truth and fathers around the  globe. I hope you took the time to acknowledge and celebrate your father, or the  father figure(s) in your life. 

I am grateful to Michael Holgate, our Licensed Teacher, for agreeing to be the  speaker for the Father’s Day Service. I am also grateful to the entire team, the UC  Truth family, and each of you who offer your untiring support. Whether you attend  in-person, join us LIVE on our media pages or join us at a time convenient to you,  I Thank YOU! Truly, all that we do is a TEAM effort. 


During the month of June, we celebrate our parent organization, Universal  Foundation for Better Living (UFBL), and its founder, Dr. Johnnie Colemon. 

For 48 years the Universal Foundation for Better Living’s (UFBL) message has  unapologetically shared that we are heirs to the goodness of God. To claim that good,  we must know our relationship to God as Source. 

Here are the Major Points that were shared: 

  1. Your Self Concept determines the quality of your life. It is intimately tied to your concept of and relationship with God.
  2. When you know what ‘I Am’ means, your concept of your ‘Self’ changes. 3. Faith is a superpower that aligns you with God.
  3. The way to tap into your faith superpower is to surrender and trust. Quote to Ponder: 

‘How do you identify yourself? Through the use of “I AM.” “I AM” is your  spiritual identity. “I AM” is God’s name, and whatever you use God’s name  with…however and whenever you use “I AM” so it becomes in your life, and in  your world, and in your affairs.’ Johnnie Colemon, It Works If You Work It, pg.  102 

Let’s Pray: Dear God, All that You are I AM. I accept that Your Nature is my  nature. With an understanding of my oneness with You, I ‘step up’ my life and give  myself permission to soar out of ‘good’ to ‘better.’ Thank You for my rich and  magnificent spiritual heritage. I am blessed now and always. Amen. 

Here’s the link to Sunday’s Service if you missed the lesson or wish to watch it  once more: 

Seeing Tremendous Blessings for You in 2022,  

Rev. Sheila

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