The Call To Come Home

Scripture: “I will get up and go to my [home]…” Luke 15:18 (AMP)

Affirm: ‘Christ in me is for me. Therefore, obstacles do not stop me.’

Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends,  


It’s Christmas Day, and we pray that all through your  house, the greatest of blessings are flowing and you are receiving, receiving,  receiving. Yes, this is our Christmas wish for you. 

In last Sunday’s service, we addressed the power of the indwelling Christ that  allows us to persevere in the face of seeming obstacles. Truly God has equipped us  for every circumstance. Therefore, we ‘have what it takes’ to return home to the  awareness of God, again and again. 

The Major Points of the lesson are:  

  1. When you affirmatively answer the call to ‘Come Home’, you will likely face the appearance of ‘obstacles that block your path. Your trust in 

Ponderings Newsletter. Published by The Universal Centre of Truth for Better  Living, Kingston, Jamaica. Christmas 2022: Come Home for Christmas. 

‘God in YOU’ or ‘Christ in You’ and others, is the power to see you  through. 

‘When obstacles knock you down, get up and keep going.’ Sheila McKeithen 

When you ‘fall down’, see it as an opportunity to ‘get up’ and keep going. Like  Jesus’ parable of the ‘Prodigal Son’, your ‘poor choices’ don’t render the Christ  in you incapable. Instead, ‘get up’ or ‘rise up’ and choose rightly.  

  1. ‘Christ’ activated in You is your assurance that you are ready for everything and equal to anything. ‘Christ in you is the power, not the obstacle facing you.’ 

Don’t give up your power when facing challenging circumstances. Remember,  ‘Christ in You is always for YOU.’ There is never a time when ‘Christ’ is not  rooting for you. Jesus listened to ‘Christ’ in him, and we must do the same. Let  Christ in you lead you forward. You will be glad that you did. 

  1. Your decision to ‘Come Home’ NO MATTER WHAT, will empower and equip you to overcome every obstacle along your path. To ensure your success, ‘Stick’ to your decision! Your decision to go home keeps  ideas coming that open out a way for you to get home.’ 

Whatever we decide, the universe conspires to ensure that the decision is fulfilled.  Once you decide to ‘come home’ to the place of solitude within your own soul, the  way is made for you to do so. Go ahead and decide and watch as idea after idea  comes knocking at the door of your awareness. Try it!  

Let’s pray: 
God of Creation, 
I accept that I am strong because You made me that way. Through the strength  within, I face every challenge, knowing that You have already made a way for me  to be triumphant. With a deep sense of gratitude, I confidently know that You have  given me the strength to face everything.

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