Rise & Do Good Deeds

Scripture: “Trust the Lord and do good…” Psalm 37:3 (NCV)  

Affirm: I consciously participate in my life experience by choosing to do good.  

Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends,  

Since Easter, we have kept the notion of ‘Rising’ on our mind and in our heart. The  ethers can feel heavy at times, especially considering happenings around the world.  Stay prayed up. Stay inspired. Stay hopeful. Find what elevates your soul and give  

yourself plenty of it. Times like these require that you prepare yourself to listen to  God more than you listen to the world. Remember there is uplifting material in our  bookstore, including the Daily Inspiration, to nourish the mind and heart. 

Last Sunday, we were blessed to have St. Andrew Preparatory School’s Drumming  and Dance Programs share in our Sunday Service. If you missed them, click on the  link provided and watch them as they serve. Bless the children. Pray with them. 

We concluded the ‘Empowered to Rise’ lesson series with the lesson Rise & Do  Good, taught by UFBL Teacher In Training, Jomain McKenzie, and supported by  UFBL Licensed Teacher, Naudia Sinclair. The lesson reminded us that all good  deeds are not only a blessing to others but to ourselves. Whether we see the fruits of  our good deeds, or not, we can be intentional about doing good. 

Here are the Major Points that were shared: 

The story of the Lion and the Mouse is a great reminder that when you do good, good  comes back to you 

  1. Your good deeds benefit the community.

Doing good is part of your purpose–Your Personal Legend. Your personal legend has a  communal purpose. The ‘ripple effect’ of your good deeds is God’s hands and feet in the  world. So, don’t hesitate to act! 

  1. Doing good is for you.

As we pour good into the world, it comes back to us. Our good deeds bless us whether  we see the harvest or not. “Let your good deeds be like rain. Drop a little everywhere. Your ability to confidently withdraw from the Universal storehouse of abundance directly  relates to what you have put into the storehouse. The Law of Giving and Receiving  reminds us that everything in the universe operates through dynamic exchange. “Every  relationship is one of give and take because giving and receiving are different aspects of  the flow of energy in the universe. If we stop the flow of energy, we interfere with nature’s  intelligence. We must give and receive in order to keep money, or anything we want,  circulating in our lives.” Deepak Chopra 

  1. Do good in faith.

Though mountains fall, and in spite of appearances and worldly suggestions, Do good  with God’s faithful assurance that the harvest and rewards are sure. Should, you never  see the ripple effects in your lifetime, do good anyway. 

Ponder this: ‘Do good [deeds] whether others notice or not. It’s the deeds that  matter, not the size of the audience.’ Unknown 

Let’s Pray: Dear God, I trust that good is everywhere, all the time. Therefore, no  matter the obstacle, I do good and good is my reward. In faith, I ask You, Lord, to  use me to inspire only good works that bring glory and praise to You! May I  always be a representative for You in all that I’m given to do. Amen.  

Here’s the link to Sunday’s Service if you missed the lesson or wish to watch it once more:

Rise & Do Good Deeds

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