Prayer Works When You Work It!

“Pray to change yourself, to raise your thinking to the level of perfection, to the level that knows, ‘God is all there is.’”

Johnnie Colemon’s, It Works If You Work It, pg. 144

A couple of Sundays ago, the events unfolding on the world’s stage were a bit overwhelming. A shooting in Jamaica of a disabled woman, the public demise of George Floyd and the actions of Amy Cooper in Central Park sent me straight to the arms of prayer. At that moment, I was led to planning a Prayer and Healing Service. I did just that.

The service was for me and likely for you, too. Before I could leave the sanctuary, I had received emails from Messenger, WHATSAPP, as well as local and overseas telephone calls from persons who gave themselves permission to heal during the worship service. Here’s the link to that service: Enjoy the music!

The service reminds us to continue to pray and to remember to Acknowledge God’s Presence. Before you get too deep into the facts of any situation, remember that God is a present help for you and for ‘them’ also.

Remember to Hold On to the Truth. When we decide that we are going to hold firm to God’s Truth, we are compelled to move forward. We don’t give up. We persist in the face of it all.

Remember to Pray for Peace even when situations and conditions are disturbing your peace. If Jesus could speak words of peace in the midst of the storm, so can we.

Lastly, remember to Be the Light in the midst of darkness. Since darkness cannot drive out darkness, you must turn on your light since light, alone, dispels darkness.

The world is calling for your light. Let’s fan our inner candle so that it burns eternally, dispelling every sense of darkness. Ask yourself: ‘What is mine to do in this season?’ Once the answer is revealed to you, prayerfully and courageously go forth. All of God is with you, now and always.

Affirm: “I pray and I watch God work.”

Praying With You,

last sunday’s broadcast

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