Prayer Positions You for Overflow Not Overdraft!

Scripture: ‘But whenever you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray  to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees in secret will reward  you.’ Matthew 6:6 (NRSVUE)  

Affirm: ‘I consciously devote time to pray, building an intimate relationship with  God.’  

Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends,  

As I write this newsletter, I am reminded of God’s goodness that will outlast the  seeming problems of life. When all else fails, God abides. When all seems lost,  God is a present help. When life seems challenging, God’s Truth triumphs. So, I  invite you to give thanks in and through all that is before you. Your prayers will  

lead to overflowing good when you dare, in the face of facts, to know that God’s  goodness always prevails. Your faithful prayers will bless you. However, your  prayers rooted in fear, loss, and scarcity will position you for ‘overdraft’ rather  than ‘overflow’.  

The Major Points of the lesson Prayer Positions You for Overflow Not Overdraft  are: 

  1. Prayer is rising in consciousness, moving up to the level of God’s light  of Truth. It is realizing what God says is already so. 

Prayer is an ‘action’ word. Prayer is practicing the Truth you know by applying it  in your daily affairs. For every situation, there is a Spiritual Truth that can be  boldly applied. Answer this: What Spiritual Truth have I applied in my life lately? 

  1. Prayer brings its own results. 

One result is a deeper level of intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Another is healing in  any area of life, including peace of mind, heart, and affairs. Yet, another result is  divine demonstrations of overflowing goodness in your life, world, and affairs. We  all welcome more of what is working for positive good in our lives, right? 

  1. We do ourselves an injustice when we do not pray. 

A life without prayer causes us to live in ‘overdraft’ mode –there is never enough.  We also live in constant separation from the spiritual inheritance that is our own.  When we do not pray, we harbor fear that leads us to search for our good ‘outside  of ourselves’ rather than ‘within ourselves.’ 

Quote to Ponder:  

You have to take responsibility for your prayer life and the results you are  getting.’ Johnnie Colemon’s, It Works If You Work It, page 115.  

Let’s pray: 

God of All Creation,  

May our faith be in You. May our life reflect You. May the good desires of our  heart mirror You. May we stand firm on Your promises and never be moved.  Forever grateful, we simply say, ‘Thanks God. Amen.’ 

Here’s the link to Sunday’s Service if you missed the lesson or wish to watch it once more: overflow-not-overdraft/ 

Seeing Tremendous Blessings for You in 2022.

Rev. Sheila 

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