Prayer Heals YOU!

God is my perpetual Source of vibrant health, unconditional love, unlimited wealth, and everlasting peace.”


“Son, you are always with me, and all that is mine is yours.”
Luke 15:31


Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends,

We welcome the month of March affirming that ‘God is our strength.’ When we seem weak, God is strong. When we seem to falter, God reminds us that the love given to us, endures ever. Comforted by what God says in true, we stay ‘on track’ accomplishing what is ours to do and be.

Last Sunday’s sermon, Prayer Heals You, reminds us that ‘All that God is, and All that God has, is already ours.’ There being nothing more for God to do, it is up to us to accept our spiritual inheritance, accepting what God has given to us and says is ours.

We shared two points for contemplation based on Jesus’ Parable of the Lost Son. We then entered a time of prayer and affirmation.

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Here is a summary for you:

1. Pray accepting that YOUR spiritual inheritance is NOW, not sometime in the future. Let your healing prayer prepare you to receive.

Like the two sons in Jesus’ Parable, we each have a rich inheritance. One son claimed ‘his’ inheritance and then wasted it. Transformed by the experience, he came into another inheritance. This shows us that no matter how ‘low’ we fall, we can get back on ‘track.’ When we are humble and willing to change, our inheritance is restored just as it was for the son who travelled afar and squandered his inheritance.


God, Your will for me is healing and wholeness. Therefore, Your healing life energy sustains me now! Right now, It flows within me and throughout all my affairs, just as You designed it to. I give this healing life energy permission to heal my thoughts, words, and deeds that create a sense of separation within me. I willingly surrender this body, and every relationship, including my relationship with money, to You. In Your healing presence, I am ever one with the good that You have already provided for me.


I am restored and renewed every day, in every way.


2. Let Jesus’ Parable remind you that God’s spiritual inheritance is impersonal. Both sons are entitled to it. Your Prayers help to cleanse your consciousness of erroneous beliefs like ‘mine and yours’ and enables you to:

a. Base your conclusions on what is true and not on conditions as they appear.
There is more to us than what we observe in the mirror. Conditions, no matter how horrible or beautiful, cannot hold us when we understand that God, alone, is our unfailing Source of infinite supply.

b. Direct your power toward what heals and uplifts you rather than what dis-empowers, limits, or brings suffering to you.
As we think in our heart, so it will be for us says the writer of Proverbs 23:7. We must learn to think thoughts that bring us into the awareness that we are one with the goodness of God and never separate from it. Both sons had a change of heart. One son essentially said: ‘I can return to dad’s house.’ The other realized: ‘All that dad possesses, belongs to me. It is up to me to claim it.’

c. Claim what is rightfully and righteously yours, without diminishing what belongs to another.
The elder son realized that he could have thrown his own party featuring the ‘fatted calf’ and [curry] goat. The fact that he did not, had nothing to do with his little brother’s actions. It was up to him to accept what his father had already provided and was available for his use and enjoyment.

Like the two sons in Jesus’ Parable, we must accept what God has provided for us. Our healing prayers help us to do just that. God really is our help in every need as Hannah More Kohaus wrote.

Let’s pray:

I am ready to claim the good that you have already given to me. In humility, I accept my spiritual inheritance, knowing that there is plenty to spare and to share.

Seeing Tremendous Blessings for You in 2022,
Rev. Sheila

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