Positioned to RISE!

Scripture: “Take your position, stand still, and see the victory of the Lord on your  behalf…” 2 Chronicles 20:17 (NRSV)  

Affirm: In every experience, I position myself to RISE victoriously. 

Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends,    

Grand Rising to each of you! Although Easter has come and gone, I pray that you  continually to rise into your God-given GREATNESS! Yes, I said it. You are, as  are we all, destined to do great works to the glory of God. I support you on this  journey.  

The power within you to rise comes from God. The world cannot take this power  away from you. However, you must recognize it and cooperate with it, just as  Jesus, and others, have done. 

In Sunday’s lesson, ‘Positioned to Rise’, I shared that we are always positioning  ourselves as either a ‘Victor’ or a ‘Victim.’ When we position ourselves with the  ‘world and its ever-changing standards’ we are positioned as ‘victims.’ But when  we position ourselves as ever available to the Goodness of God, not only for  ourselves but for all, we demonstrate a ‘victorious consciousness.’ 

Even unto death, Jesus kept knowing the Truth for himself, for the thief on the  cross, for his mother, and his disciples. In doing so, he positioned himself for  ‘victory’ instead of ‘defeat.’ We must do the same. We must never give up on  God’s Truth. 

Jesus’ life illustrates that he positioned himself for a ‘resurrection experience’ prior  to his arrival at Calvary. Jesus understood that God would see him through. His  knowledge and application of the Truth would ‘resurrect what was’ into ‘what can  be.’ Consider the times when: 

  1. Jesus recognized God as his present reality, NOW! 

When there was insufficient food to feed the multitude, Jesus knew that ‘God’s  presence is ever present.’ As a result, 5 barley loaves and 2 fish were increased to  feed the multitude with baskets of food left over. (Matthew 14:13-21) 

  1. Jesus relied on God’s Power as greater than all else, including himself. Amidst the winds and the rain that threatened the boat he occupied on the sea; Jesus turned to God and affirmed, ‘Peace be still.’ The wind and the waves were  quieted. (Mark 4:39) 
  2. Jesus surrendered to God’s will for his life and in doing so set aside his  personal will. 

In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus died to his ‘personal will.’ He affirmed, ‘Thy  will be done.’ His greatest fear had been transformed into faith. (Luke 22:42) 

  1. Jesus acquainted himself with ‘resurrection possibilities.’  Jesus was an active participant in the resurrection experiences of both Lazarus and  Jairus’ daughter. Resurrection, therefore, was not a foreign concept to him but a  possibility for him. (Luke 8:40-42; 49-56) and (John 11:38-44) 
  2. Jesus trusted in God ‘all the way.’  

Although tempted, Jesus trusted in God. Amid betrayal, Jesus trusted in God.  Though he was arrested, convicted, condemned, and crucified, Jesus kept trusting  in God. His faith in God ‘opened out a way’ for his deliverance. (Luke 23:34) 

Jesus demonstrated to us what our life can be like if we rely on God’s Truth that is  sure to set us free. 

Let’s pray: God of the Resurrection, thank You for empowering me to RISE.  Grateful to not be ‘stuck’ in circumstances, I triumphantly claim that Your Spirit  rises higher in me every moment of the day. I rise into higher possibilities for  myself and the world. These possibilities are demonstrated under grace for the  good of one and all. To God be the glory! I rise. Amen. 

Here’s the link to Sunday’s Service if you missed the lesson or wish to watch it once more:

Rise Above It

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