Persistence is the key!

‘Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.’

Galatians 6:9 (NIV)


‘I am persistent. I never give up. No matter what.’

Affirmative Statement

Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends,

Big blessings to each of you. As we continue to pray with each other, inspire each other, and
love each other, God’s perfect presence is having Its way in all things concerning us. For this, we
give thanks.

Last Sunday’s Worship Service reminded us that the good desires of our hearts are from God. It is God, alone, who inspires perfect desires within every soul. Therefore, when we say ‘Yes’ to God’s desires, we are saying ‘Yes’ to God. When you say ‘No’ to God’s desires, we are saying ‘No’ to God. Every desire needs a birthplace. You have been chosen, by God, to be the place where the desires of God are birthed into expression.

The more intense God’s desires are within you, the more you must persist in applying spiritual law. Too many of us quit at the first sign of an obstacle or challenge. God didn’t make us ‘quitters’ but ‘winners.’

The Oxford Online Dictionary defines Persistence as ‘the fact of continuing in an opinion or course of action despite difficulty or opposition.’ The ability to persist is borne out of God’s gift of strength. You are strong whether you feel strong or not. You are built to persist in the face of difficult appearances. Every God-given desire given to you can be realized if you dare to persist or endure until the end.

The Sunday lesson shared two important points about the ability to persist in fulfilling the desires of your heart:

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1. Ask yourself, ‘What am I hungry for? Am I willing to persist until my hunger is satisfied?’

Dr H. E. Cady, the author of Lessons in Truth, reminds us that God’s desires in us are no accident. God placed the desire within us so that we can bring them into expression. What a privilege! Imagine, God chose us to give birth to Its own desires. WOW! This is why we hunger for the fulfilment of our desires. This is why there is a part of us that wants to persist in the fulfilment of our desires, even when difficulty arises. So, let us persist, KNOWING we will succeed!

2. Are you willing to study to determine what spiritual principle you must actively apply—in a consistent and disciplined way—that is certain to bring forth the desired thing or something much better?

God’s law governs every manifestation that you desire. Every single one! Are you acquainted with the universal spiritual law that undergirds your desire and guarantees its fulfilment in due season? Are you willing to study spiritual law so that you consciously and consistently align with it in your thoughts, words, feelings, and responses? God’s strength is your strength. Believe this and persist in bringing forth the good desires of your heart. Turn away from weakness and lean on God’s strength. It is within you.

Remember the words of New Thought Author, Eric Butterworth, who says: ‘The healing you long for, the overcoming you desire, the prosperity and success you have been praying for so persistently – even though you may feel there are fantastic odds to overcome—these things don’t call for miracles but for disciplined application of divine law and the steady effort to know [and prove] God.’

Let us persist in practising the spiritual law that assures us that the good desires of our hearts
are possible. Let it always be a privilege to be the birthplace of God’s greater and highest good
for you and for others.

Empowered to Get It Done,
Rev. Sheila

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