“When Jesus heard about John, he left in a boat and went to a place where he could be alone…”
– Matthew 14:13 GW


Seclusion: The state of being private and away from others; the state or situation of being alone. (Oxford Dictionary)
Solitude: More a state of mind and heart than a [physical] place (Richard J. Foster, Celebration of Discipline)
Heal: To bring forth the perfect Christ [expression] that exists within each of us. (The Revealing Word)


Jesus’ responses to the news of death or illness of his loved ones illustrate that spending time alone with God has a healing effect when our time of solitude is priority-driven rather than crisis-driven. “Solitude is a healing place where God can reach us and help us all the more because we’re alone with Him.” Bob Hostetler


  1. Spending time alone with God coats the consciousness with the healing Truth that is able to withstand any utterance made by appearances, including death and illness. When through moments of solitude, the consciousness is saturated with the healing influence of God, ‘emergencies’ aren’t urgent for us. Since we know that God’s power is already on the scene doing the work, we are healed of fear, anxiety and the sense that any of us can be separated from the love and one life of God.
  2. The victory over every challenge is first won in the silence of one’s own soul, Dr. H.E. Cady taught. Until there is victory within, there can be no permanent victory in the without. Solitude, therefore, is our path to victory.


“Prayer is powerful. It can heal, prayer can give, and it can change lives.”
– Shane DeCreshio

“Silence is your very nature. It is your very essence. The outer world is full of noise and chaos, but the inner world of your Spirit is silent and serene. Silence is a healer. When you consolidate your energy through silence, you feel stronger and you heal faster.”
– Ian Cameron