Leave Here… Go There!

“To get there, you can’t stay here.”

The Rev. Dr. Durrell Watkins

Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends,

We are 8 days away from Christmas! I pray that your plans are unfolding nicely and even if they are not, I hope that you will adjust and deeply appreciate what is unfolding for you. There is a gift in each day, but we must leave behind the old perspective to gain new insight. Right?

Rev. Watkins spoke to us of the importance of “leaving where we are” to get to “where we are to be.” The children of Israel had to move from Egypt to get to the Promised Land. Nehemiah had to move from Persia to build the wall around Jerusalem. Joseph and Mary had to move from Nazareth so Jesus could be born in Bethlehem. God, Spirit, is always calling us to move up higher.

Here are the Major Points of Sunday’s lesson:

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1. Leave here – go there.
Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem (the city of bread) because they trust “substance’ to meet their needs. When you leave one state of consciousness for another, go knowing that the God who sends you elsewhere, provides for you. So, move knowing that your requirements are met.

The Bible is full of stories of people moving from one place to another. Abram and Sarai moved. Moses moved. The shepherds and Wise Men moved. We must move, too.

2. Don’t just Shout Out – Get Out!
The Angels are God’s Messengers. The message must be delivered. So the Message has to GET OUT and that only happens when the messengers Move OUT. God calls us to Move Out of our comfort zone into the new experience that awaits us.

3. To prove it –Move It!
The Shepherds test the message delivered by the Angels by exploring it for themselves. We must do the same. We must move into action on the messages we hear. Shouting is good, but not enough. We must prove the message is true for ourselves.

4. The Christmas Story is our story.

a. We are Mary. We can accept God’s message, even if we don’t understand how it can be true.

b. We are Joseph. We, too, will be called to support others, to care for them just as Joseph was called to support and care for Mary. Inspired by angelic thoughts, Joseph has a change of mind and is wedded to Mary.

c. We are the angels, who sing of God’s glory. We’ve experienced the glory of God many times. Their song is our song.

d. Jesus modelled to us how to live in oneness with God. He said what he did is possible for us. He wants you to live intimately with God as did he. He wants you to do greater things than he did. His model of life and living is yours to duplicate. Therefore, you are also Jesus –he wants you to do even greater things. Let him show you how.

To Get to Love, we must Leave Regret. To Get to the Truth, we must leave the Lie. Get out of fear attitudes. Get out of the way of your own miracles. As Dr Johnnie Colemon reminds us: We alone are, ‘the thinker who thinks the thought that makes the thing.’ Let’s Get out of ‘stuck’ and step into ‘freedom.’ In short, Keep it Moving!

Let’s pray:

God of my soul,

I courageously move from limiting attitudes, situations, and circumstances. I choose to accept the new possibilities that await me. I deserve them. I accept them. I express them, NOW!

And so it is!

Empowered to Get It Done,

Rev. Sheila

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