It Takes Courage to Live Your DESTINY!

Prosperity Partners,

How are you doing? I pray that you and your family are well, safe and happy. I write to let you know that Les is correct, ‘You’ve got something special.’ Your destiny is ‘locked within’ waiting for you to let it flow into full expression. It is no coincidence that this year’s Adventure in Faith
the is: ‘I Choose to Live My Destiny. It is TIME! We are using Bishop T. D. Jakes’ book, Destiny – Step Into Your Purpose and it is available in our bookstore and on Amazon

On Sunday we experienced our Kick-Off Celebration with Les Brown, The Motivator. He gave us some powerful spiritual nuggets. I’d like to highlight four (4) of those nuggets that were repeatedly mentioned in the Zoom Room after Sunday’s Service and in various conversations
this week. The 4 spiritual nuggets are:

  • ‘Your Job is what you are paid for. Your calling is what you are made for.’
  • ‘You are a Masterpiece because you are a piece of the Master.’
  • ‘Faith and Courage are twins.’
  • ‘You’ve got something special.’

Did the spiritual nuggets mentioned above speak to you in a personal way? Were there other spiritual nuggets that tugged at you? If so, use them often. Ponder them. Move into action on them.

It was our pleasure to host Les Brown in the early days of our ministry and to have him return over the years, including last Sunday. As we celebrate this year’s Adventure in Faith, the 25th Anniversary of our ministry, and my 25th Anniversary as Minister of this community, we do so with grateful hearts. Wow! It has been an amazing journey for all of us.

Throughout this year’s Adventure, there will be testimonials and plenty of opportunities to share one with another. Last Sunday’s testimonials from Mr Peter Hylton and Mrs Norma Eaton were well-done and informative. KUDOS to all who contributed to Sunday’s content and production. The energy was over the top.

Each week we will add to the attached Adventure in Faith Journal that provides relevant information for each week of our adventure, such as reading assignments, meditations and journal exercises. Please share the Journal with others who may find it useful. The Journal will be shared on our social media sites as well as our web page

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, October 18th, 2020 at 10:15 am. Join us after service in the Zoom Rooms. If you missed our Adventure in Faith Kick-Off festivities with Les Brown, check the Sermons page on our website.

Until Next Time, Keep Choosing to Live Your DESTINY!

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