Scripture: ‘Do not fear or be dismayed; tomorrow, go out to face them, for the LORD is with you.’ 2 Chronicles 20:17 (NASB)

Affirm: ‘All that I have, I get from God.’

Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends,

What a blessing to witness the 60th Independence Celebration of Jamaica. What would the Jamaicans who envisioned an ‘Independent Jamaica’ think? What do you think? What is your contribution to the country? What will be your legacy to this
‘Land of Wood and Water’?

On the Sunday following the Independence Festivities, Universal Foundation for Better Living’s Licensed Teacher, Michael S. Harris, delivered the Sunday lesson titled, ‘IN-Dependence.’

He reminded us that UFBL Founder, The Rev Dr Johnnie Colemon, asserted her IN-DEPENDENCE by knowing that God is the Source of her supply. He added that when we, like her, understand who and whose we are, we allow ourselves access to all the life, love, wisdom, substance, and power we could ever require. The various levels or filters of independence require that we choose, not one time, but again and again, the expression of independence that best fits us. It is no secret, we attain our independence, IN-Dependence on God.

The Major Points of the lesson were:

  1. Independence is a choice you make.
    • Is there any area of life that God is unaware of or is unable to work miracles? Since the answer is no, why are we selective in what we allow God to manage for us? We are selective because we apply filters to the stream of God’s goodness. These filters effect what we see as possibilities in our life, world, and affairs.
  2. Identify your filter.
    • It is up to us to identify and then remove filters that limit our ability to receive that which God has already given to us. The accountant’s filter kept him from designing fabulous clothing. The woman’s filter prevented her from receiving the love she deserved. When we remove our filters, we know that our ability to prosper does not depend on others but on God.
  3. Choose to live dependent on the goodness of God.
    • It takes practice to ‘drop’ our filters. Spiritual resources are forever! All that is ours, still is! It’s never too late to claim it. The flow of God doesn’t cease. Isn’t that good news?


Quotes to Ponder:

“I declare Independence Day in my mind and in my soul very often. People may be channels, but they are not the Source… You have a rich Father, who says, ‘You are my image, you are just like me.’ Therefore, stand on your own two big spiritual feet and declare your independence.”

Johnnie Colemon, It Works If You Work It, Pg 84.

Let’s pray:
‘[We]… give thanks for all God’s goodness and the wonderful heritage into which we have entered: For Jamaica, our island home, the land of our birth…For majesty of our hills, the beauty of our valleys, and the flaming loveliness of our gardens…For the warmth and brightness of our days and the calm and peace of our countryside…For the rich heritage of our people coming from many races, and yet one in purpose, in achievement, and in destiny, and for the dignity of labour and the service given by every citizen of our land…For freedom, just laws and our democratic way of life…For high privilege and responsibility of Independence and for bringing us to nationhood…For our parents, teachers, religious and other leaders and all those who in every walk of life are helping to prepare us [to be] responsible…For the poets, artists and thinkers and all who create in us the vision of a new and
better society…We give Thee thanks, O God.’

Dulcimer ‘Peaches’ Robothom’s, Jamaica’s National Prayer [adapted]


Here’s the link to Sunday’s Service if you missed the lesson or wish to watch it once more:

Click Here

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