Government Is On God’s Shoulder

Affirm: There is one omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Presence in this universe. It  is God. It is Good. It is the authority in my life.  

Scripture: ‘Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God. The  things that are God’s.’ Luke 20:25 (NRSV) 

Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends,  

I give thanks for you and pray that all is well for you and persons everywhere. We  live and have our being in God’s radiant presence that abides and influences all  that concerns us.  

On Sunday, April 3, Dr. Jean Beaumont’s lesson, The Government Is On God’s  Shoulder, reminded us that God, alone, is in charge. The earthly kingdoms are the  realm of the Caesar’s of the world. While the Spiritual Kingdom is God’s realm or  domain. It is eternal and everlasting. It was and will be when earth’s kingdoms  pass away. Therefore, we have a choice to either hang our sense of identity on the  temporary kingdom of earth and its powers or choose to identity with God’s Spirit  Kingdom and its various attributes, gifts, and realities. Jesus’ invitation to us to  follow him as he teaches that the Government is Upon God’s Shoulder.  

Major Points 

  1. The Government is upon God’s Shoulder. 

Jesus’ response to religious leaders to give Caesar what is due to him (in the form  of taxes) demonstrates an invisible act of power that teaches us how to be spiritual  beings in a material world, ever awake to our spiritual purpose.  

The Earth School can enhance our spiritual growth as we contribute to the well being of others. We are here to exercise our power to heal, to help others and to  make a positive difference in the world. 

  1. Practice Communion with God. 

In communion with God, we purify our mind and heart and renew our strength. We  blend our mind with the Father-Mind and there is harmonizing of every aspect of  consciousness. In gratitude for the Upper Room experience, we can’t help but  celebrate God’s presence with praise and thanksgiving as we live with Christ at the  centre of our lives. 

  1. Remain true to the Divinity of your Being. 

We are on earth to bear witness to the truth—the truth of our Divinity! In our day  to today living, we tend to forget who we are, as spiritual beings. We play by  earth’s Rule Book. It is our choice to remember who and whose we are as often as  possible so that we may be ever mindful that God’s Kingdom is ‘not of this world’,  as Jesus says. (John 18:36) ‘My mind is stayed on Thee, and I rest in Thy peace  and power.’ Charles Fillmore 

Let’s pray: God, thank You for creating me in Your image and likeness. As I keep  my mind centered on this Truth, I am supplied beyond measure and blessed in all  ways. Putting my trust in God, alone, all things are accomplished in orderly and  loving ways just as God promised. To God be the glory now and always. Amen.  

Here’s the link to Sunday’s Service if you missed the lesson or wish to watch it  Once more: 

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