God delights in your prosperity

“More than religion, your spiritual life hinges on how connected you are to God…” Lisa
Nichols & Switzer, Abundance NOW


“As a priority, I deliberately and consciously level up my connection to the God presence within me, by being still and listening to where God is leading me.”
Last Sunday’s Affirmative Statement


“Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”
Psalm 37:4

Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends,

God’s grace is sufficient for you. I’m happy about that. I pray that you and your family are well. The Adventure in Faith series of lessons (AIF) is off to a great start. I say that because I am gaining a new understanding as I study the notion that God really is our Source and therefore Supply is always available to one and all. My prayer is that we will open ourselves to new levels of receptivity. In doing so we make ourselves available to receive every gift that the Source has given so that we can, not only accept it but, share it.

Last Sunday we focused on the spiritual dimension of our lives. It is from the spiritual core that all other expressions of life proceed: Mental/Emotional; Physical; Relational; Social; Vocational; and Financial. It is, therefore, our task to establish a conscious and constant connection with God as the Source from whom all blessings flow. In short, when our spiritual connection is firm and sure, God’s goodness flows uninterrupted in, for, and as us.

Jesus was no stranger to abundance. He had an intimate connection to God as his unfailing Source. He believed his destiny was abundance and not scarcity. Whoever encountered Jesus, departed from his presence enriched in some way. Consider the multitude of 5,000; the fishermen who fished all night and caught nothing; the woman with an issue of blood for 12 years; Jairus’ daughter who was believed to be dead; and the wedding party at Cana that had no wine. Abundance is God’s gift to us. Jesus knew this and we must know it, too. Like Jesus, we can stay connected to God who is eternally nudging us to LEVEL UP to receive gifts that are already available.

There were two major points stressed in the lesson.
They are:

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1. Level UP your connection with God as the Source of ALL Abundance. Make it a priority to be still and listen to where God is leading you, spiritually speaking.

God is omnipresent and is therefore always present as the ONLY Presence. Consciously spending time in God’s presence is a sure way to become more aware of all the ways that God seeks to lead you. Let’s commit to following God’s leading and taking action as God directs.

Consider these questions:

a. Do you feel spiritually connected, fulfilled, and abundant?
b. Will you make a daily appointment with God to listen for guidance?
c. Are you willing to move as God leads, accepting greater levels of abundance along the way?

2. ‘…[T]o experience future abundance you to have to embrace your current life. If you love your life now, then you’ll be open to attracting and creating the more expanded future life you want.’ Pgs. 16-17. Answer these questions: In what areas do you believe God is asking you to Level UP the abundance in your life? What is your response?

a. Level Up Emotionally
b. Level Up Physically
c. Level Up Relationally
d. Level Up Socially
e. Level Up Vocationally
f. Level Up Financially

Acknowledging where you are in your life expression is important. As you seek to Level Up your
consciousness, know that you are making a bold move when you declare new possibilities in
the midst of current realities. Give thanks for the power to see beyond the present and to
become the change that brings forth it

Referring once again to Steve Harvey’s comments in the Introduction to the book, Abundance Now, by Lisa Nichols:

1. You have abundance waiting inside of you, right now.
2. The seeds of greatness wait for your water so they can grow.
3. Get help to navigate you to your destination.

Let’s pray


thank you for Your love that never fails and Your guidance that gently nudges me in the direction I am to go. Spending more time in Your Presence is my delight and I look forward to it. Teach me Your ways, Oh God. Lead me. Empty me. Fill me. Anoint me. Bless me.


Empowered to Get It Done,

Rev. Sheila

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