God Delights in Fulfilling Your Heart’s Desire

Scripture: ‘You have given him his heart’s desire and have not withheld the request of his lips.’ Psalm 21:2 (NRSV)
Affirm: God wants for me what I want for myself.


Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends,

I pray that you are keeping cool as we all adjust to warm days and warmer evenings. Please remember to stay hydrated and take extra care of yourself. Okay? Last week we were reminded that when you delight in the Lord there is a payoff. The Lord delights in you and fulfills the good desires of your heart. To delight in the Lord is to delight in the attributes of Spirit; the attitudes of Spirit; the wisdom of Spirit; and to live in accordance with Spirit. When you do, the secret desires in our heart come alive. Isn’t that good news?

In the 48 years of Universal Foundation for Better Living ministries, the unapologetic message has been that ‘we are heirs to the goodness of God. Therefore, it is up to us to accept that nothing can hinder our God-given inheritance of God’s desires for us. Nothing! The three (3) Major Points listed below tell us why this is so:

  1. Our heart’s desires are God’s desires planted within the soul. They awaken us to the ‘new possibilities’ that God desires for us.
    The word ‘desire’ literally means ‘of God.’ The desire is ‘of God’ and is about God. What a privilege to be inspired by God with good desires that bless, heal, uplift and prosper.
  1. ‘Desire in the heart for anything is God’s sure promise sent beforehand to indicate that it is yours already in the limitless realm of supply, and whatever you want you can have for the taking.’ H.E. Cady, Lessons in Truth, Chapter 5.

    A while back, there was a short video clip of actor, Denzel Washington, quoting #2 above to a group of actors. I recognized the quote immediately and posted Dr. Cady’s words as the source of his quote. Sometime later, Dr. Tony Lewis, then the UC Truth Board Chairman, shared with me that he watched an interview with Mr. Washington and he was asked about the source of the quote. He is reported as saying, ‘I don’t know the source of the quote. It was shared with me.’ When the identity of the sharer was made known to me, I knew the gentleman to be a student of one of Dr. Johnnie Colemon’s close colleagues. I say all of this to say that so many people in the world have tapped into this teaching. As active students of Truth, we must tap into our own teaching and apply it relentlessly.

  1. Fulfillment comes when we constantly affirm that God is the Source of our heart’s desires and deny the belief that outside circumstances can hinder them.
    Since God gave us the desire, it wouldn’t make sense if we said ‘no’ to it. Afterall, God fulfills the desire with our permission. Take a fresh look at your desires. Write them down. Affirm them. Act on them. They belong to YOU! Won’t you accept them?


Quote to Ponder:

‘Every good desire in your heart belongs to you. What will you do with it?’

Sheila McKeithen

‘You can have anything you want if you desire it badly enough.’

Johnnie Colemon’s, It Works If You Work It, pg. 42.

Let’s Pray
Dear God, You have blessed me with good desires. They rest in my heart. I bless them. I accept them. I act on them. With Your guidance, each desire is fulfilled in orderly and divine ways. My life is amazing all because my delight is in YOU. Deep grateful, I say ‘Amen.’

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