Dream In Colour!

Scripture: ‘And I am sure that God who began the good work within you will keep  right on helping you grow in his grace until his task within you is finally finished…’ Philippians 1:6 (TLB) 

Affirm: ‘There’s no dream that’s too big to happen. There’s nothing that’s too  hard to come true. I catch God’s big ideas and I willingly do what I am led to do.’ 

Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends,  

I pray your summer was all that you wanted it to be. God’s goodness abounds and  it never fails. God bless you today and always. 

On Sunday, August 14th, Universal Foundation for Better Living’s Licensed  Teacher, Conroy B. Wilson, shared a powerful lesson relating to your power to  dream in colour. In that lesson you were asked to be intentional and to ‘move from’  black and white dreams to colorized dreams. How? Use your God-given gift of  imagination to colorize the ideas and dreams that God reveal. Then them ALIVE  and believe in them at all cost.  

Conroy reminded us that like Joseph, son of Isaac, we all have a dream. He told us  that there is a Joseph or a Josephine within each of us that perceives greater  possibilities. Additionally, just because God gives you a dream, it doesn’t mean 

that you won’t face persecution. Persecution of any kind is a signal to you to decide  to ‘persevere’; to ‘press on’ despite obstacles. 

Sunday’s Sermon, ‘Dream in Colour’, provided us with these Major Points:  

  1. Divine Mind is the Source of all ideas. 

Listen to God and ‘catch’ the idea or dream that is perfect for you. 

  1. The key to realizing every dream (idea) is knowing who you are. When you believe you are ‘Just Human’ you limit what you can demonstrate.  When you take your place as a ‘child of God’, then who you are being will  attract the right set of circumstances to you. The Right Job. The Right home.  The right relationships. 
  2. We are three-fold beings comprising Spirit, Soul, Body. 

We are more than we appear to be. We are God’s expression of goodness.  When we know this, and align ourselves with this, we express it. 

  1. We live and operate under spiritual principles and human standards  each with its own consequences and benefits. However, spiritual  principles will always outweigh human standards because spiritual  principles are unchanging. Human standards change all the time. 
  2. Every dream must be colourized through the use of will and  imagination. 

You bring the colour to your dreams. If you don’t color them, who will? 

  1. Your dream will never seem too big when you are willing to say YES  unapologetically to these 5 questions: 
  2. Is it POSSIBLE? – You can have it if it exists. Right? 
  3. Is it POSSIBLE for me? – Can you see you living a new reality? c. Is it POSSIBLE for me NOW? – Requires a mind-set change; d. Am I willing to align with the idea and listen for guidance? – Are you  

interested in what God, the Great Dream Giver, has to say to you? e. Am I willing to follow the guidance I receive in my thinking, feeling,  words, actions, and reactions? 

It is up to us to align our lives with the destiny that we seek.

Quote to Ponder: 

“Everything that I will ever need, or desire is all around me as substance. God substance is formless…waiting for us to form, mold and shape it into whatever we  want. Our thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions serve as the cutter, and we are  forever cutting out of this formless substance what we think into it…That’s  creation. Until we learn to stop thinking what we don’t want, and begin to think  what we do want, our conditions will forever be the same. You are doing whatever  is being done. You are doing it to yourself through your thoughts, feelings, words,  actions, and reactions. Your actions and your reactions are picked up, and you are  molding and shaping out of substance all the time.’ 

Let’s pray: 

God, the Giver of Every Dream,  

Thanks for placing a dream in my heart. Like Joseph, I hold on to my dream no  matter what. Like Paul, I press on when challenges arise. Like Queen Esther, I  stir up the courage to run with my dream and endure until the end. Thanks for  entrusting me with a BIG dream. I am committed to seeing it through. Thank  You God. Amen. 

Here’s the link to Sunday’s Service if you missed the lesson or wish to watch it once more:
Dream in Colour

Seeing Tremendous Blessings for You in 2022.  

Rev. Sheila

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