Discover the Secret to Unlocking Life’s Treasures

Affirm: I am open, willing and ready to unlock and experience all of life’s treasures.  

Scripture: “Do not be afraid, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give  you the kingdom.” Luke 12:32 (NRSV)  

Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends,    

The final day of the month of March is tomorrow and this issue of Ponderings  related to the 3rd Feast Day has been a bit delayed, but here it is just for you.  Forgive my tardiness.  

I continually pray that God’s goodness abounds for you and us all, now and  always. Let’s accept it for ourselves and for others, no matter where they may be in  this world.  

On Sunday, March 20th, the lesson, Discovering the Secrets to Unlocking Life’s  Treasures, reminded us that God’s treasures are within us, rather than outside of  us. Wouldn’t it be great to always remember that everything we seek we already  

have, in the raw form of God’s ideas. As we accept God’s ideas and cooperate with  them, the ideas take shape and form.  

Sometimes we believe that our physical environment hampers our ability to  succeed. But when we know that God within us has endowed us with unlimited 

treasure, then we can bless our environment knowing that either one of three things  will happen: Either 1) the environment will change, or 2) we will change our  attitude about our environment, or 3) we will be removed from our environment. It  is amazing what happens when we bless where we are and the people we find  there, including ourselves.  

Sunday’s lesson points remind us that our physical environment responds to our  offerings of blessing and praise. Everything longs to give to us its treasures. See  Closer Walk With Jesus, pg. 90  

Major Points  

  1. We are cause to our environment. It reflects what we think and believe.  H.E. Cady in her text, Lessons in Truth, shares that we cannot run from adversity.  When we run, ‘we take our thoughts and therefore our environment with us.’  Where ever we are, we find ourselves. See also Closer Walk With Jesus, Pg. 81  
  2. Our physical environment must not overwhelm and pre-empt our  spiritual development. Instead, it is to reflect the awesome wonder of God that  is everywhere evenly present.  

God is with us all the time, no matter how absent God seems to be. It is up to us to be mindful of God’s wonder as a ever present reality. It is we who must bring  God’s wonder ALIVE wherever we may be and in whatever environment we are  in.  

  1. God is in all, through all and expresses as all.  

Therefore, all of creation responds to spiritual law. Our task is to become  acquainted with and practice spiritual law in every environment in which we find  ourselves. When we seek God, we find God. See Matthew 7:7-8. Dare to seek God  in your situation today and tomorrow, too. God is there and God’s treasures, are  already within you. It is your recognition of this truth that brings them into reality.  

Let’s pray: God, thank You for the treasures You have placed within me. I recognize them and give myself permission to bring them forth with ease and  grace. They are a blessing to me just as I am a blessing to myself and others. To  God be the glory. Amen. 

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