Did You Make Your Deposit?

Scripture: “…give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down,  shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap, for the measure you give  will be the measure you get back.’ Luke 6:38 (NRSVUE) 

Affirm: ‘I willingly and joyfully participate in the law of giving and receiving. My  life demonstrates a consistent flow of good.’ 

Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends,  

I will always remember the day when we, the team on the ground at UC Truth,  stretched wide our arms and said, ‘We are receiving. We are receiving NOW!’ In  that moment, the inspiration came for the powerful lesson series: ‘Are You Ready  to Receive?’ Since the start of this series, none of us have looked back. While  there have been bumps in the road, in Faith, we have keep making progress, right?  

We began the series with the question, ‘Did You Make Your Deposit?’ Whenever  we activate the Law of Giving and Receiving there comes a time to relax and  allow the outer results to show up. In other words, relax and receive!

‘Jesus’ statement of the Law of Giving and Receiving, as mentioned in Luke 6:38  is very clear, and admits no doubt as to…receiving when the prerequisite of giving  has been completed.’ Foundations of Unity, Series II, Volume 3, pg. 80. 

Anytime you want to receive anything, start GIVING! Make some deposits in your  spiritual bank account. 

The MAJOR POINTS of the lesson are: 

  1. Think of the spiritual universe, as a Universal Bank. Like any financial  institution, there is a requirement that you deposit or give first, before  making a withdrawal. 

When you deposit or give, you become entitled to receive. You can activate the  ‘withdrawal process.’ Since we are not ‘scammers’, we deposit that which we  wish to receive. Never be afraid to give first, whatever you desire. Remember,  when you give or deposit, you are saying, ‘I have.’ When you don’t give or  deposit, you are saying, ‘I don’t have.’ You, alone, choose whether to make  deposits in life or not. Choose wisely. 

  1. We give or deposit in 3 ways: 
  2. To God’s spiritual work in the world. 
  3. To Yourself 
  4. To Others 


God is our Source. How do you remember this? How do you give back to God?  How do you promote God’s work in the world? 

How do you care for you? Cherish you? Honor you? Celebrate you? It’s important  to NOT leave yourself out of the ‘spiritual deposit’ equation. Keep your cup filled  and share from the overflow. 

Does your life bear witness that you live in community with others? The Poet  Donn wrote, ‘No man is an island unto himself.’ We all live in relation one to  another. When your garbage spills over to my yard, the rodents come to my yard.  If I unknowingly block the entry way into my complex, my actions affect my  neighbor’s ability to exit enroute to her/his destination. Together, we make the world, our community, our ministry, our workplace, and our family, better.  Deposit often into each of these areas. The more you deposit, the more you can  withdraw. The measure you give, determines the measure you get back, as Jesus  said. See Luke 6:38. 

  1. The frequency and attitude in which we give, or deposit sets up a  frequency and attitude for you to receive. ‘The point is this: the one who sows  sparingly will also reap sparingly, and the one who sows bountifully will also reap  bountifully. Each of you must give as you have made up your mind, not regretfully  or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.’ 2 Corinthians 9:6-7  (NRSVUE) 

Your ’Giving Attitude or Vibe’ matters. It impacts your ability to receive the  ‘measure’ that you have ‘given.’ Bad Vibes are like a thief that robs you of the  blessing that is already yours. They put stumbling blocks and barriers in your  pathway to wealth, health, and happiness. Get rid of the Bad Vibes, quickly. Be a  cheerful giver. Be happy to give because God first gave to you. 

QUOTE TO PONDER: ‘…[G]iving is only one part of the law, the receiving or  acceptance of more of God’s blessings must follow.’ Foundations of Unity, pg. 81 

Let’s pray: 


I give thanks that ALL that You are and have, are mine. I claim this inheritance  and I generously share, with a cheerful heart. I am grateful that the measure of my  deposits in life are more than equal to the measure of my receiving. In deep  gratitude, I live in Your presence, making cheerful deposits in every form and  receiving an unlimited measure in return. I freely share with plenty to spare and  redeposit. Thank You, God. Amen.  

Here’s the link to Sunday’s Service if you missed the lesson or wish to watch it  once more: https://uctruthjamaica.org/sermons/did-you-make-your-deposit/

Seeing Tremendous Blessings for You in 2022.  

Rev. Sheila 

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