Did You Create a Vacuum?

Scripture: “There is a season for everything and a time for every matter under the  heavens…a time for keeping and a time for throwing away…” Ecclesiastes 3:1, 6 (CEB)  

Affirm: ‘I make room in preparation for my good and live in full expectancy from God.’

Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends,  

I wish you all good things and I am super grateful for you. Through thick and thin you  have navigated the rough waters of life and the smooth waters, too. You are more than  a conqueror, as the Apostle Paul says, and I’m grateful that this is so.  

Our second lesson in the lesson series, ‘Are You Ready to Receive?’ asks, ‘Did You  Create a Vacuum?’ Once you deposit good seeds into the soil of life, your task is to  continually clear the way for the abundance of fruitage that is sure to manifest. Clear  out hatred, doubt, fear, regret, worry, resentment, pride, dis-honesty, unforgiveness  and all that impedes your progress. It’s not worth it, as UFBL Founder, Johnnie  Colemon, said. Instead, let’s create a vacuum that clears or sweeps away all that  serves as an impediment to our soul’s growth and progress. 

The MAJOR POINTS of the lesson are:

  1. ‘The Vacuum Law of Prosperity or the Law of Release ‘is one of the most  powerful, though it takes bold, daring faith to set it into operation, as well  as a sense of adventure and expectation to reap its full  

benefits…Wherever you dare to form a vacuum, the substance of the universe then rushes in to fill that empty space.’ Dynamic Laws of  Prosperity, pg. 41. 

In her book, Open Your Mind to Receive, Ponder states: ‘The act of release is a  priceless gift that we each have. Release ‘is one of the most effective ways to open  your mind to receive. This single act frees you from tightness, tension or grasping and  it helps you to become an open, receptive channel through which your good can flow. It eliminates error from your life, and it expands your good—for eliminating something  creates the space for something better to come to you. (pg. 26) 

  1. ‘There are people who want greater good in their lives, but they only  desire and want. They do nothing in a practical way to accept those  desires and wants.’ Catherine Ponder’s, Open Your Mind to Receive, pg. 25.  

“So often we try to force new good into our lives when we have not made room for it.  Release helps us turn loose the old and open the way for the new, says Ponder, Pg. 28.  Please remember that if YOU don’t change, NOTHING changes. 

  1. God has given you the Gift of Release. Release creates a void or space to  be filled. Emotional triggers of fear are often activated. Therefore, your  intention to release must be firm. Your willingness to let go must not  waver and your attitude must be one of thanksgiving and not fear. Affirm:  ‘I release, loose, let go and let God.’ 

Release by using what is available to you now. “You are even now filled with the rich  bounty of God who supplies [your] every need.” Pg. 50. 

Release the emotional energy that ties you to situations that have served their purpose.  

  1. When a person is honestly trying to be prosperous, is thinking along  prosperous lines and still fails, it is usually because he [or she] needs to  invoke the Vacuum Law of Prosperity.’ Catherine Ponder’s, Dynamic Laws of  Prosperity, pg. 41. Release includes but is not limited to: 
  2. Forgiveness of self and others. 
  3. Possessions (ie. clothes, car, home). 
  4. Mental Positions (fixed attitudes, opinions, judgments, conclusions). d. Positions/Relationships (job, associations). 
  5. Toxic Emotions (ie. Grudge, jealousy, hate, resentment, guilt etc.)

QUOTE TO PONDER: ‘…when you begin moving out of your life what you do not  want, you automatically are making way for what you do want. By letting go of the  lesser, you automatically make room for your greater good to come in.’ Dynamic Laws  of Prosperity, pg. 42 

Let’s pray: 


I emotionally, prayerfully, and freely release all that has served its purpose in my life.  The way is now clear for my greater good to grow and flourish. I accept it. I expect it. I  give thanks for it. Amen.  


Here’s the link to Sunday’s Service if you missed the lesson or wish to watch it once  more:


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