Communion and Consecration

Scripture: “Consecrate yourselves therefore, and be holy; for I am the LORD your God.”  Leviticus 20:7 (NRSV)  

Affirm: ‘I am willing to be a clear channel for the Holy Spirit to use me for the greater good.’  

Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends,  

Happy New Year! Happy New YOU!  

The year 2023 is HERE! With the Holy Spirit in you as the guiding force, I know that you are opening out ways for your new life possibilities to express. As you plan your year, remember that your goals don’t have to be numerous. There is no need to overwhelm yourself. However, your goals should be meaningful —to YOU. 

Think of your life as a road map and decide where you want to go this year? What experiences do you want to have? What memories do you want to make? With the Spirit of Wisdom guiding you, you will get there.  

This is why it was important to begin the first Sunday of the new year with a time of Communion and Consecration. You can always return to the awareness of God’s presence that simply ABIDES. And, you can always consecrate yourself and every goal you set to God’s purposes. Knowing these truths has kept me anchored in the Spirit of Truth in me through the years.  

Sunday’s lesson reminded us that we are Consecrated for God’s Purposes and not our own. God is doing the work. God is guiding us. God’s will for our lives is unfolding. God’s purposes are fulfilled. 

The Major points of the lesson were: 

  1. There are two ways to live. For ‘yourself’ or for ‘God.’ When you are consecrated to God you are a ‘fit and worthy vessel’ for the fulfillment of God’s purposes. 

The fulfillment of God’s purpose for your marriage, your career, and your overall contribution to life, including your happiness, require your ‘Yes.’ You must be willing to be used to achieve more than you can imagine. Say: Yes, God. 

  1. Charles Fillmore’s, Revealing Word, defines Consecration as ‘the dedication of one’s everyday thought to God; a complete surrender of oneself to God. The entire mind is brought under the control of the Christ  Consciousness with whole-souled devotion to spiritual ideas.’ 

Consecration requires All of you and not simply a ‘part’ of you. 

  1. Consecration is an act of full surrender to God of All that we are, and All we hope to be and All that we possess and All that we hope to possess. It is not so much about the person. It is about being ‘fit and ready’ for the fulfillment of God’s purposes for one’s life. 

It is your choice to bring your ‘whole self’ to the spiritual process. Only you can decide to do this. 

  1. Consecration is not a one-time event, but a daily practice. Even in life’s busy and hectic moments, we can choose to consecrate our thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions to God knowing that the best outcome will result.

Remember, ‘Life happens.’ You may encounter life’s twists, turns, detours and roadblocks. Your consecration to God doesn’t guarantee that you won’t. But it does guarantee that you can craft a response that will lead you around, over and through every encounter. You see, ‘Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is always freedom’ for you and all who will dare to live in communion with God’s presence.  

Let’s pray: 

God of Creation, 

Thank You for another year around the sun. Thank You for walking with me and talking with me, guiding me through Your plans for this new year. Thank You, God, for Your abiding Presence that never fails. Encouraged by Your plans for me, I dive into this new year, leaning on You continually, to see me through. Thanks, God. Amen. 

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