Cast It and You’ll Catch It!

“…‘Cast the net to the right side of the boat, and you will find some [fish].’…”

Jesus as quoted in John 21:6 (NRSV)


‘I turn to the Christ within to guide my thinking and expectations on the ‘right side’ of my desires and they are fulfilled.’

Last Sunday’s Affirmative Statement

Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends,

Greetings to each of you and all you hold dear. With this week’s newsletter, I once again cast
the net of the UC Truth collective consciousness in your direction. As you read this newsletter
or Daily Inspiration; or participate in any of our ministry activities, know that a sacred space is
held for you and all that concerns you.

As we head into this year’s Adventure in Faith lesson series, know that every activity on the calendar is for you, about you and its aim is to be a blessing to you and never to hinder you. Yes, life happens, but God is forever being God in, through and as you. Universal Foundation for Better Living Founder often asked, ‘How Big Is Your God?’ Our collective prayer is that all of us will continually accept that God’s goodness is bigger than anything we can desire or imagine. I dare to say that each of us is facing something, as did the disciples who fished all night and caught nothing. It may appear that we have failed to measure up in some way. Don’t believe that suggestion. God is with you to show you how to cast the net of your consciousness on the ‘right side’ of your desired demonstration.

Last week Sunday, we concluded the lesson series, ‘Certain Truths for Uncertain Times.’ It is our hope that you re-ignited a sense of ‘certainty’ in your life and affairs. I was blessed by the lessons and I am still being blessed by them. My intention is to return again and again to these lessons in an effort to reinforce my consciousness in life’s Certain Truths. What about you?

Casting the net of our conscious awareness on the ‘right side’ means there is a ‘right side’ for your desired demonstration. There is a spiritual law that works when you ‘rightly’ engage it. There is a spiritual attitude that ‘rightly’ supports your desired demonstration when you adopt it.

There are ‘right’ habits that open out a way for your desired demonstration when you embrace them.

Peter and his friends are asked to ‘cast their net on the right side of the boat.’ They do so with no
hesitation. Why? There was nothing in their net. They wanted something in their net. So, they did something they had not done to achieve results they had not attained.

What do you desire? Are you willing to cast your net ‘rightly’ to achieve it? Are you willing to do
something that you’ve yet to do to attain it? Are you willing to rely on God’s instruction, revealed through quiet times, rather than rely on your past experiences and expertise? If you are, then you have ‘rightly’ cast your net of awareness and are sure to ‘catch’ something that exceeds your expectation.

Sunday’s Lesson Points remind us that students of this message you are never powerless. Why?

1. You can always cast the net of your awareness on the ‘right side’ of your desired demonstration and receive divine ‘right’ results.

2. You can turn to God’s intelligence & wisdom within you. You can allow It to guide you into taking the ‘right’ action required for your demonstration.

How Big Is Your God? Dare to cast your net on the ‘right side’ of your demonstration and the
results that are right for you will be ‘divinely’ demonstrated.

Let’s pray


I give thanks for the good desires You have placed in my heart. I now cast the net of my awareness on the ‘right side’ of my desires. Show me how to walk in Your will and Your way so that each desire is fulfilled in meaningful, abundant, and orderly ways for the good of all concerned. In receptivity, I listen, and my life demonstrations exceed my expectations.

Thanks, God.

Empowered to Get It Done,
Rev. Sheila

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