ARISE! It’s Easter

Scripture: “Do not be alarmed; you are looking for Jesus of Nazareth, who was  crucified. He has been raised; he is not here…” Mark 16:6 (NRSV)  

Affirm: Like Jesus, I rise out of every limiting circumstance and celebrate my victory. 

Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends,  

I pray your Easter was all that you wanted it to be. Having risen out of the limiting  thoughts and feelings about life’s circumstances, I know that your feet are firmly  on the upward path that leads to love, justice, and peace for all. Congratulations!  Please remember to continually accept the invitation to ‘rise’ into your greater-yet to-be.  

The Easter weekend brought to an end the 40 day journey of LENT. However, we  can re-start the journey anytime that we so choose. It’s a great way to add the  ingredient of discipline to your daily spiritual walk.  

This year’s Easter Message reminded us of the richness that is found in the  resurrection stories in the bible. When we can hear these stories with new ears and  see them with new eyes, we gain empowering themes that are as relevant for us  today as they were for Jesus.

In addition to your personal beliefs about the Easter Stories, I submit for your  consideration these 3 themes:  

  1. Jesus Lives. 

The Gospel texts and the Apostle Paul’s writings share their experience of Jesus  post the crucifixion. They experienced Jesus in new ways. Because he lives: a. He is not locked in a tomb – ‘Let Jesus out’ of whatever you’ve locked  him into. Let him out of your limited concept of him. Let him out again  and again. 

  1. He transcends time and space – Where are you looking for Jesus? Did  you find him there? Could it be that he is beyond where you think he is? c. He can be with you and not be recognized – Jesus speaks to us in many  ways? Are we listening? 
  2. His message is not ‘dead’ but ALIVE – Keep the Kingdom of God  message ALIVE in you. Turn to it often. Rely on it to guide you. 
  3. God Vindicated Jesus. 
  4. God’s Easter verdict OVERRULES Rome’s Good Friday judgment.  b. God’s Justice WINS over Rome’s injustice. 
  5. Jesus’ Kingdom of God message REIGNS OVER the Kingdom of  Caesar’s message. 
  6. Domination Systems of this world do not have the final word. a. All that is unlike God comes to an end. It is temporary. 
  7. God’s Kingdom, alone, is everlasting. All else fades. 

God’s call on our lives is to be ‘More Like Jesus.’ Be forgiving. Be just. Be loving.  Be obedient. Keep walking with Jesus and demonstrating that God is the Ultimate  Authority in all matters that concern you, including death. 

Let’s pray: God of the Resurrection, thank You for empowering me to RISE.  Grateful to not be ‘stuck’ in circumstances, I triumphantly claim that Your Spirit  rises higher in me every moment of the day. I rise into healing. I rise into  sufficiency of all things necessary to live a better life. I rise in my expression of the  All Good. I am both blessed and a blessing as I rise beyond my wildest imaginings.  To God be the glory! I rise. Amen.

Here’s the link to Sunday’s Service if you missed the lesson or wish to watch it  Once more: 

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