Abundance is making Lemonade from Lemons

“…a relationship is a relay. That’s why it’s called a re-lay-tion- ship…it is impossible to run a relay by yourself.”

Abundance Now, pg. 103


“Once you’ve chosen someone as a friend, allow who the person is to unfold.”

Lisa Nichols & Switzer, Abundance NOW, pg. 122.


“A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.”

Proverbs 27:9 (The Message Bible)

Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends,
I am sending tons of blessings your way. May you be strengthened each day. May the good desires of your heart be realized in ways that exceed your wildest imaginings. May your health improve daily and your hope in life’s goodness be expressed at the highest level.

It was a blessing to be able to dedicate last week’s Sunday Service to Rev. Claudia Fletcher. It was equally a blessing to go LIVE on social media and listen to your stories and fondest memories of Rev. Claudia. From Canada to Great Britain; from Dominica to the USA; from the Cayman Islands to Jamaica, and elsewhere, you showed up and gave us glimpses of Rev. Claudia as you experienced her. Thanks so very much! She is blessed as are each of you. You blessed her family. You blessed her spiritual community. We can never underestimate the impact that we have on each other. Every moment matters and every encounter impresses us in some way.

Lisa Nichols shares powerful insights in Chapter 3 about the power of our
relationships. I hope you enjoyed the chapter. Read it again and again, as a way of
equipping yourself with tools that enable you to turn ‘sour lemon relationships’
into ‘sweet lemonade relationships.’

Let’s review

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1. ‘Every soul is on an adventure with his or her God.

The relationship is personal, private, and confidential. Let us not assume rights and
entitlements that the relationship does not afford to us. Inharmony and discord
result when we push open the doors to relationships that never gave us permission
to enter its bonds.

2. Sour lemon relationships can be transformed into sweet lemonade
relationships. Remember:

a. God’s power is always at work in you. Therefore, you are ‘powerful’ and never ‘powerless.’
b. Friends who offer support to you are ‘better than gold’ or ‘pocket money.’ They refresh your soul.
c. Transformation happens when we ‘throw off’ suggestions of being ‘separate from one another and accept the truth that we are ‘one with each other.’
d. Let God’s faith in you perceive greater possibilities for your life and your relationships. Be non-negotiable on this point.

3. Supportive and healthy relationships should not be underestimated. Supportive friends support you in getting up when you fall. Oprah says that supportive friends ride with you in your limousine, but they also ride the bus with you when the limousine breaks down.

Look around you. How supportive are your relationships? Lisa cautions that cutting ties to relationships is not to be taken lightly. Cutting relationship ties immediately when the relationship threatens to harm you in any way is a no brainer. Otherwise, she suggests that both people bring their ‘A Game” to every relationship and do their part to uplevel its possibilities. Have you done your part? If so, that is all that you can do.

Remember what Steve Harvey says in the Introduction to the book, Abundance Now:

1. You have abundance waiting inside of you, right now.
2. The seeds of greatness wait for your water so they can grow.
3. Get help to navigate you to your destination.

Let’s pray

‘In every relationship, I bring my authentic self. Holding the highest possibility for myself and the relationship, I give the best of me to all that I say, do and think. In return, I experience a high rate of investment from every relationship in which I involve myself.

I give thanks.

See you on Sunday!

Empowered to Get It Done,

Rev. Sheila

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