Abundance is loving the skin you are in!

“Health Abundance is about your physical and emotional wellbeing. You maintain your body as a temple—a gift given to you so you can live out your life’s purpose with joy and enthusiasm.”

See Personal Prosperity Quiz, page 9 (abundancenowonline.com)


“Your body must have the ability to keep up with your life purpose. It must have the endurance to repeatedly show up and do what you need it to do.”

Lisa Nichols & Switzer, Abundance NOW, pg. 38


“Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself… or God bought you with a high price. So, you must honor God with your body.”

I Corinthians 6:19-20 (NLT)

Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends,

Last week, our beloved Rev. Claudia contacted me and asked me to teach her sermon titled, ‘Love the Skin You Are In.’ I said ‘Yes.’ This week, our beloved sister and fellow traveller has laid down the physical body and entered into a new chapter of life and living. We bless her as she continues her soul’s journey. She is an intricate part of who we, as a spiritual community, are and her mark upon us is long-lasting. We bless her and see for her only the highest and best that the divine
design of her soul has for her.

As Michael Holgate said to me many years ago, ‘She is missed but never missing.’

When Rev. Claudia presented me with her lesson points, I proceeded to use them as she gave them to me. Instead, I used each point of the lesson to illustrate practical ways that we are making choices that impact our health. It is our choice to adjust, pivot and change in whatever way required to experience the healthy outcomes that we want.

Let’s review

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1. ‘To live an abundant life in every way, you need to love the skin you’re in.’ (page 38).

It is up to us to make an honest assessment of our life’s journey. How healthy are
we spiritually, mentally, physically, relationally, socially, vocationally, and
financially? Let’s admit where we are in our journey. Until we admit where we are,
how do we make a firm decision to change our direction.

a. ‘When you love the skin you’re in, you simply display different energy, an inner smile, a contagious and sunny disposition that attracts people to you. (page 38)

When we direct life-affirming thoughts and feelings to ourselves, we are inspired and hopeful. A smile can’t help but show up on our faces. Happy thoughts are more likely to breed happy behaviours like skipping, smiling, and affirmative words.

b. ‘Not loving the skin you’re in wholeheartedly gives you a sense of powerlessness.’ (page 38)

As previously stated, there is an effect on the thoughts we think and the things we do and how we behave. When we constantly see ourselves as ‘falling short’ or ‘not enough of this or that’ feelings of being powerless to change creep into our minds. We begin to say things like: ‘That’s how it’s always been for me. Nothing ever works out for me.’ A shift in how we see ourselves can result in a shift from a depressing and negative mindset about ourselves to a positive one. The choice is
always ours.

2. ‘Your body should be able to give you the quality of life that you want.’ Abundance Now’s Personal Prosperity Quiz (page 9).

3. ‘If any physical feature is causing you to feel disempowered or depressed, decide NOW how you will change your physical body.’ (page

These two points remind us that God’s will is that the body temple performs optimally. If there is an adjustment that can be made to your body, are you willing to adjust it? We already know that a shift in our own mind from ‘what’s wrong with me’ to “what’s right with me” will change how we see ourselves. We are not here to compare ourselves with others but to learn from one another and become comfortable in our own skin.

Like Rev. Claudia, don’t look for a specific chapter in the book, Abundance Now, to speak to each area of your unfoldment. Instead, read the book, access the online resources that Lisa Nichols offers and work this program of abundance. Here’s a suggestion that works for me: Use diff colour highlighters to make note of sections of the book that pertain to a specific area of unfoldment. My emotional/mental notes are highlighted in ‘Yellow.’ Those that pertain to the spiritual life or God, I
highlight those in ‘blue.’ I also purchased the Kindle edition of the book and I make my highlights there as well. This way, I can easily refer to notes that speak to relationally issues, spiritual issues, etc.

Rev. Claudia has outlined the lesson for us. Now it is up to us to embody the lesson, lifting the message of abundance off the page and into our life experience. What say you? I say, ‘Let’s Do This!’ Thanks, Rev. Claudia.

Referring once again to Steve Harvey’s comments in the Introduction to the book, Abundance Now, by Lisa Nichols:

1. You have abundance waiting inside of you, right now.
2. The seeds of greatness wait for your water so they can grow.
3. Get help to navigate you to your destination.

Let’s pray


thank You for the many channels You use to teach us the Truth that sets us free. With intention, we choose to embody the Truth that gives us the conviction to run this race of life, knowing that we are Your perfect expressions. With a sense of humility, we say ‘Thanks, God. We are beautiful in our skin.’

And so it is.

Empowered to Get It Done,
Rev. Sheila

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