Who we are

UC Truth is a Bible-Based New Thought Church located in Kingston, Jamaica. We exist to be a community of faith and a teaching ministry equipping individuals with spiritual tools to live a better life as demonstrated by Jesus the Christ with simplicity, practicality and understanding. We are a member church of The Universal Foundation for Better Living (UFBL) founded in 1974 by The Reverend Dr Johnnie Colemon in Chicago, IL, USA. The UFBL is a dynamic New Thought Christian Network of New Thought Churches, Study Groups and Satellites Centres which is dedicated to spreading the abundant life teachings of Jesus the Christ.

Where we come from

UC Truth started as a study group led by Avis Hylton with the objective of practising silent meditation, engaging in metaphysical Bible study and discussion of the writings of New Thought writers. After conversations with The Rev. Dr. Mary Tumpkin during a prayer retreat, a vision group was formed to host ‘Prosperity Luncheon’ Lectures at the Jamaica Pegasus. In November 1996, The Rev. Sheila McKeithen was assigned as the Senior Minister and Sunday Worship Services commenced on the first Sunday of January 1997 at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel. In 2007, we acquired a property which now houses our Sanctuary, Bookstore and Offices.

Where we're headed

UC Truth desires to be a growing spiritual community and a centre of empowerment that is committed to:

    • Allowing the Holy Spirit to establish within us a conscious awareness of Its Omnipresence, Its Omniscience and Its Omnipotence through the disciplined practice of prayer, study and meditation.
    • Preaching and teaching the universal, spiritual principles of love, healing and abundance, as taught by Jesus the Christ, as they are relevant and practical to our daily lives.
    • The growth and expansion of this ministry through the practice of the Law of Giving and Receiving in the awareness that God is our Infinite Source.
    • Providing a loving environment in which all persons regardless of race, colour, nationality, lifestyle or gender can express their God-given talents in creative ways that embrace the Vision, Mission and Spiritual Objectives of this ministry and promote fellowship and service.

What this means for you

Most importantly, you’re always welcome at UC Truth. We embrace and celebrate diversity, and we open our doors and offer our teachings to all people who are ready to live the happy, healthy and prosperous life that God intends for them.

We’re saving a seat for you!

Our Values

Prayer & Study



Giving & Receiving