More Than Enough

“With our work consuming at least eight hours a day (if not ten or more), getting this part of our abundant life right is critical.”

Abundance Now, pg. 140


“We’re called—I believe by God’s Divine Plan—to move with grace an ease into our next life assignment…[Y]our life assignment is something you naturally feel in your soul and, like a magnet, it will continue to draw you toward it whether you respond or not.”

Lisa Nichols & Janet Switzer, Abundance NOW, pg. 165


“In all the work you are doing, work the best you can. Work as if you were doing it for the Lord, not for people. Remember that you will receive your reward from the Lord, which he promised to his people. You are serving the Lord Christ.’

Colossians 3:23-24 (New Century Version)

Dear Prosperity Partners and Friends,

I am sending huge blessings to each of you today and always. We are nearing the end of the 2021 Adventure in Faith Series. I pray that your life has ‘Leveled Up’ in a way that best fits you in this season. Did you choose one area of your life and really apply the principles shared each week? Did you use the resources that Lisa Nichols so freely shared in her text, Abundance Now, and in her October lesson? Do you have good news to share? How did you ‘Pivot’ through unexpected changes? Did you remember to go higher in the elevator of your mind when appearances threatened to overwhelm you? Whatever commitment you made to ‘Level Up,’ I applaud you. Thanks for joining us on this adventure.

Let’s re-cap Sunday’s Lesson: It’s Not Work If You Work It!

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1. We can begin now to live more abundantly—pursuing our current work with joy, bliss and enthusiasm. Abundance Now, pg. 203.

We don’t have to wait until we get a new job to be joyful. We can experience bliss and be enthusiastic now, right where we are, in the work we are currently doing. Our joy, bliss, enthusiasm is never outside of us in a job, it is within us. If we don’t bring joy with us wherever we go and wherever we are, we don’t experience it. A big source of our discomfort is that we are not open and receptive to how God is calling us in this season of life. I remember one of our members said he was urged to sit in his boss’ chair. The boss was leaving the job and this member had not considered applying for the soon-to-be-vacant position. Yet, he heeded his inner nudge to sit in his boss’ chair. Next, he applied for the job and was hired. God knows where you are to be, and God will nudge you in a particular direction and then open out the way for you to achieve that which is for you. God does it all, you simply follow.

2. It is God who calls you. Whatever God calls you to do, God equips you to do that thing. God also provides the resources required for you to fulfil the assignment.

It’s God’s work that you are called to do. So, go boldly forward. If you feel you have missed God’s call, don’t worry about it. ‘God has you on redial.’ Pg. 177. God will call you again and again and each time, God will elevate the call. Stay open and receptive as the call evolves. David was called to slay the bear that attacked his sheep. Then he was called to slay Goliath of Gath. Then he was called to slay thousands. Then he was called to assume the role of the 2nd King of Israel. Notice how the call is elevated. Don’t try to fit the assignment of 20 years ago into
God’s call for you today. Stay open. Be willing to re-frame how you perceive your current work. Is there something more for you to learn? Is there someone whom you can assist? Is there someone you can get to know better? Is there a skill that you can perfect? Can the current job finance the work you really want to do? Think about it.

3. You will know that you are living God’s call on your life when all manner of opportunities open up for you. They show up when you are engaged in your calling and not standing on the sideline waiting for your calling.

There will be opportunities for personal growth when you are engaged in your calling. There will also be opportunities to interact with others and share on a larger platform. Additionally, there will be opportunities to re-imagine your life, your work and/or your company. Essentially, you are supported whenever you step out in faith on the life assignment that God reveals to you. Don’t be afraid. Trust God.

Let’s Pray:

Dear God,
I yield to Your call on my life. You have equipped me and provided for me in ways that support the work You designed me to do in the world. In faith, I re-imagine all that You reveal and in openness and receptivity, I begin. Opportunities abound and I am grateful for them all.
Thanks, God.

Empowered to Get It Done,

Rev. Sheila

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